09 May / 12:00 pm

Digital Jedi vs. Gothic Terror, December 19, 1999

This is a round of a match between Digital Jedi and Gothic Terror. These videos show the round from Valpurgius[DJedi]’s perspective. DJedi and GT both put up strong defensive fronts, with Valpurgius leading the way on defense, while our hero moop manages the only cap of the round, 1-0 to DJedi. If moop and/or Valpurgius ever care to give me a detailed writeup, I will post it here.

Game Stats

30 Dec / 6:30 pm


Thanks to Tickenest for finding the following image. I was spectating a match between DJedi and Marauder about a decade ago while Zaifear[DJedi] was ripping it up as sniper. Tickenest snapped the following screenshot while making some YouTube videos of some old QWTF matches. Oh QWTF, the glorious memories, I will never forget.