» TF2 Log Parser
-Find your server log file, it should look like 'l12212007.log' or something of the sort.
-Follow the 'Upload' link above
-Upload your file and choose an output directory name
-The script should point you to the formatted output. You can browse other logs people have uploaded in the 'List' section.

-Download the .zip containing the source code and example .log files
-Configure your webserver with PHP
-Upload the unzipped folder to your webserver
-Stop by #clanYoda on mIRC.GameSurge.net if you have problems, or email Rusty Fausak at rustyfausak at gmail dot com.

-TF2 Log Parser v1.1 - Jan 04, 2008
Jan 3, 2008
Please remember, what you upload to this tool is server logs, not client-side logs. These server logs are typically between 30 and 600 KB in size, and contain all the information about a time period.

December 21, 2007
The TF2 Server Log Parser is complete, after it's third revision. It is written entirely in PHP and the parser itself is about 1200 lines of code. The whole site including the list, upload, and page functions are about 1800 lines of code. I plan to add images again to the output html, but that could take some time. I will also re-parse the logs that were here previously.

Things that are new for this version include: Capture point statistics, better chat logging, clan-vs-clan tag guessing, and a completely new stylesheet. If you find anything that could be better or fixed, or simply have a suggestion, please stop by #clanyoda on irc.Gamesurge.net and talk to 'spike'. Thanks, I hope this tool proves useful.