IRC is the best way to talk to someone in DJedi to schedule a practice or scrimmage.

Channel: #digital


I can be reached by e-mail at

6 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Nick Browne Says:

    Greetings, i have recently set up a website for team fortress 2 clans, links and files and i was wondering if you want to put your clan onto our website. I know that at the moment the database is very small but that is because i only launched the website yesterday and i am currently searching for more content for the website.

    So if you’d like to submit your clan to the website then head over to the link (above) and then submit your clan.

    Thank you.
    Nick Browne

  2. Fredflynt Says:

    Monty Fortress

  3. Fredflynt Says:

    “Meet the spy”

  4. Puff's old roommate Says:

    OMG, Moop is still playing this game?
    Just giving a shout, when I was watching over my old friend/roommate Puffs[DJedi] from back in the day…you guys rock.

  5. Jake Freed Says:

    Yo lunk!

    It’s been about 10 years but I see you are still keeping the digitaljedi alive. You helped me configure my first linux sever back in the late 90’s and I think you hosted a few files for me. How is life? Drop me a line on G-chat.


  6. transit Says:

    Dang, I remember the Mr. Moop show on Mplayer.