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14 May / 12:32 pm

Pyro Rocket Jump

Thanks to ZillaBunny for finding this video. Even though it’s setup and not during the normal course of play, it’s still pretty awesome.

09 May / 12:00 pm

Digital Jedi vs. Gothic Terror, December 19, 1999

This is a round of a match between Digital Jedi and Gothic Terror. These videos show the round from Valpurgius[DJedi]’s perspective. DJedi and GT both put up strong defensive fronts, with Valpurgius leading the way on defense, while our hero moop manages the only cap of the round, 1-0 to DJedi. If moop and/or Valpurgius ever care to give me a detailed writeup, I will post it here.

Game Stats

09 May / 10:06 am

New Dedicated Player Recruited for DJedi

26 Feb / 5:51 pm

TF2 Scout Jumps: Force-A-Nature Possibilities

24 Feb / 6:13 pm

Fail Spy Is Fail

18 Feb / 10:00 am

Team Fortress 2 Frag Video

All the clips from this video are from an 8v8 STA match on cp_labor. I was planning to go back and get some more clips, but the latest update update released by valve invalidated the old demos, again.

14 Feb / 12:03 pm

Boatz N Hoez

24 Dec / 12:00 pm

Spy Frontstabs

Hi guys of Digitaljedi.

First: merry chritsmas and a happy new year guys!

I send a video of only frontstabs of my spy. i hope u enjoy it


04 Dec / 2:30 pm

Mario Kart In Real Life

27 Nov / 3:30 pm

Happy Thanksgiving, You’re A Winner