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23 Jun / 4:33 pm

Hot Chick Griefing

06 May / 10:33 am

Engineer Update Teaser

01 Apr / 12:44 pm

Law Abiding Engineer Trailer

This is a great mashup trailer, now I want to see the real movie!

16 Feb / 10:18 am

Spy & Pyro

26 Jan / 9:57 am

Shoot Through Teammate, Shoot Through Doors

A while back, Valve updated the sniper rifle to have the ability to shoot through teammates. Apparently they never tested if you could shoot through doors AFTER shooting through a teammate, and that leads to this fun little video. Thanks to DirtyDave for sending this one to me.

09 Oct / 9:50 am

TF2 Hide and Seek

Thanks to juicymoo for sending me this link. I got a good kick out the prop hunt.

28 Aug / 9:22 am

The Hoff is back

And he’s wishing you a Happy Friday.

25 Aug / 12:33 pm

Steven Seagal: Lawman

Holy crap, reality and Seagal, together, in one, awesome, packaged tv show. I can only begin to prognosticate how amazing this show is going to be.

18 May / 12:00 pm

Infernal Gamers Frag Video

15 May / 12:00 pm

TF2 a`PX – Demoman Frag Video