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14 May / 12:30 pm

TFL: RES over DJedi in Overtime Epic

After defeating Resurrection in STA Play on Desert fortress, we faced off against them again for TFL. TF League has gotten super lazy to the point where they don’t even pick the maps for each week anymore, so it was decided between the clans to face off on cp_labor and cp_granary.

Round 1

Thirty minutes into an extended wait for RES to get enough people, Round 1 kicked off on cp_labor, a DJedi favorite, and we got down to business. Not practicing the map as we should have |RES| caught us completely off guard and dominated the map in almost every way. By the time we got to the middle, there were already pipes lining the barn doorway which delayed our entry into the middle. That delay was all RES needed to claim control of the higher ground and capture the middle point. Typically DJedi has been able to push teams back on cp_labor, but not RES, not on this night. Our only shining moment came when during one push, grog was able to take out four members of RES with a single pipe trap and we pushed all the way to their base for our only capture of the round.
Round 1: RES 4 – DJedi 1

Round 2

After a quick break and some lineup changes, bringing in Tendril and new recruit Hangman to scout it up, we got started on cp_granary. The gates that were introduced in the last update of cp_granary really help the flow of the game and make the battle for the middle much more fair and much more intense. DJedi fought hard and was able to dominate the map for most of the round. We were cruising to a victory and were up 3-0 for the round and tied overall. Then theSpawn[DJedi], hater of kittens and french kisses, jinxed us by saying, “This is the winning round guys”. Needless to say, we didn’t win that round and gave up a capture to go down one capture overall and the round score was 3-1. We needed to work fast if we had any chance to win the match and we put our noses down and capped fast to bring the score to 4-1. We had a shot at getting one more capture, but the timelimit kicked in and the round ended.
Round 2: DJedi 4 – RES 1
Blame: theSpawn

After an epic comeback in round 2 to tie up the game we ventured into overtime territory. The leaders of the clan consulted with their respective teams and it was decided that the overtime map would be cp_well. DJedi had practiced Well even less than Labor and after losing the middle in the opening seconds of the OT round we were never able to regain control. RES was very efficient at pushing us back into our base and eventually captured on us.
OT: RES 1 – DJedi 0

The emotional roller coaster of this match, from the empty feeling at the end of round 1 to the highs of our offense clicking during round 2, left everyone drained. While a W would have been the sweetest icing on the cake, our mistakes Round 1 proved to be too much to overcome. Amazing game |RES|, this will be a match to remember.
Final: RES over DJedi 6-5(OT)

Res also has a writeup of their own, but I think their math is a bit off.

25 Apr / 10:40 am

STA: [CSI] forfeit, TFL: [DJedi] over [TF2F] on ctf_smooth


This week started out with a disappointing forfeit win from [CSI] in STA. Coming from a qwtf background, we were looking forward to playing some ctf_smooth, as its a port from the very popular original QWTF version by DrSmooth[OSKI] and we all have some great memories of epic matches on smooth against clans like Megadeath, Gothic Terror and The Nothing. The new version plays great and is substantially brighter than the original. The only issues we’ve experienced are that you can get snagged in the water entrance and occasionally you will spawn with everything crooked (and I couldn’t find the quad damage).

Moop Portrait ctf_smooth

Luckily, Team Fortress 2 Fort was gracious enough to give us a map change to 2 rounds of ctf_smooth for our TFL match from ctf_impact (another great QWTF port of a map originally built by my former clanmate [WM]Kordos and created for TF2 by the talented Vilepickle, who just keeps making great custom maps). We had time to squeeze in some Jedi portraits next to lunk’s epic regret and cheetos spray before the round started and you can check out the moop portrait to the right.

DJedi vs. TF2F ctf_smooth R1
Round 1

Round 1 started off with a bang as we pulled out an early capture thanks to some impressive spy work by resident hibernator Polar. As the round continued, the dual assault of our 2 medic soldier combos of Tendril + theSpawn and Moop + Wilson overwhelmed the enemy base and brought home 4 additional caps, while our defense locked down our base, letting only 1 cap out and racking up the teleporter points.
R1: 5-1 [DJedi]

DJedi vs. TF2F ctf_smooth R2
Round 2

Round 2 started with another early cap from DJedi, after which TF2F’s defense dug in, with [TF2F]Thrickstr’s demo’ing and [TF2F]PanFrie’s medic hunting scouting keeping our offense at bay for the rest of the round. With DJedi dominating the middle of the map and continually pushing against the near-impregnable TF2F defense, they were unable to get any substantial flag movement.
R2: 1-0 [DJedi]

Final Score: [DJedi] 6, [TF2F] 1

GG [TF2F], you were a worthy opponent as always. Thanks for the map change.

18 Apr / 3:15 pm

TFL: oooRGLE over DJedi on cp_gravelpit

Last night DJedi faced off against oooRGLE gaming for TFL. We were originally scheduled to play rock (death by gas chamber anyone?), but agreed to switch maps to gravelpit. Round 1 started off with DJedi on offense and heineken pulling off a double backstab on oooRGLE’s demoman and sniper. DJedi moved into A for the capture, sending a squad to start the attack on B. Some clever spying from oooRGLE put us down a medic during our initial push, giving them the uber advantage. Despite a number of close calls, oooRGLE was able to stop DJedi from capping B. We switched sides, with DJedi on defense and managed to hold oooRGLE at B for a while before getting overwhelmed by their dual demoman assault and the formidable sniping talents of remics. Having the uber advantage, oooRGLE capped C swiftly after.

Thanks in part to Slingshot’s sniping, DJedi’s round 2 defense went slightly better than round 1. However, down our starting demomen due to real life obligations, oooRGLE eventually managed to overwhelm our defenses and capture B, with C soon falling soon after. Our offense this round stepped it up to cap out all three CPs, ending the round with w a 6-4 win for oooRGLE.

After the match, we had an excellent 10v10 pickup game on 32smooth, kicking things off by crashing every single person in the game’s TF2 as well as the server. After this initial glitch, we had an awesome game and I was surprised at how well the map held up with that many people, just goes to show that you don’t have to play TF2 6v6 or 8v8. It was very reminiscent of the quakeworld team fortress games we all enjoyed over a decade ago. The game included aliases borrowed from some old school qwtf personalities such as SPEEDinator (creator of the original speedstats), PHAT DRAGON and Cryojenix. Shoutouts to the following qwtf clans that have made it to TF2 and had members playing last night: NULL, Rev6 and Aftermath. Thanks for coming out, we should make this a regular occurance.

28 Mar / 9:18 pm

DJedi over mLw on Labor

After spending sometime trying to get a hold of anyone from clan Machines Least Wanted, we thought that we were finally going to get a forfeit win. After my previous post and hearing many tales of woe with clans getting forfeit wins wasting a lot of scrimmages and practices, we thought we were finally have it happen to us. Nine forty five rolls around, and the DJedi guys are on the server getting down, warming up, finalizing positions and strategies. Looks like a forfeit win, a Thursday night ruined? Well, we did some looking around and mLw has a total of nineteen people on the roster so we had hope. Just as the forfeit was about to go down, the first of several mLw guys joins the server, first in comes mLw-NotActuallyThere, and quickly followed by mLw-noShow and mLw-ForfeitHat. So with everyone on the server the match was ready to get going.

All of the practice and preparation paid off, with some excellent speed, the DJedi soldiers took to the center claiming the roofs. with mLw-afk and mLw-InvisibleMan getting taken out quickly, the middle was taken over easily. DJedi then had the uber advantage as mLw-FreeWin went down, leaving only mLw-Houdini as their only medic. Beautifully layered Uber’s got the DJedi boys deep into their base as a couple spawns later the first point was taken. Hard faught first capture and our heroes are up 1 – 0. Sensing roster problems mLw then substituted mLw-IplayCS with mLw-Disappearingdot. We were taken back thinking that DD (disappearingdot) was going to snipe up the middle and make it hard for us, but the boys countered this move with a four spy rush. As moop/infinite/lunk/Yoarashi took to the middle as spies we knew we had one chance. Out of know where Yoarashi turned into a giant ass dinosaur and ate mLw-DisappearingDot, infact he left the server because of this, it was amazing. The ass smashing green dinosaur then went on a tear actually ripping through the barn sending it flying off the map. Apparently no one knew that the barn is kind of like the glass on Impact, do enough damage and it will break. Yoshi still tearing it up through their CP2, and eventually laid an egg on the final cap point, and head back to the blue barn to have a beer with the rest of the DJedi guys as the egg was still capping their last cp point. The giant egg on their CP scared most of the mLw guys off the server, but a couple stood around to see what would happen, and just as it was slowly capping the point it opened up, and there was Keelah, Chaosfiend and Valpurgius sitting at a table drinking coffee and tea discussing global warming. With the cap rate at x3, the final cp was taken and the DJedi guys were up 2- 0. I’d like to extend my thanks to mLw for not calling us on rules for having eleven people, as we didn’t know that Yoshi was carrying them. Leaving round 1, DJedi 2 mLw 0

At this point I woke up, with Lunk yelling in Vent saying “Hey mLw was a no show but [TF2F] wants to scrim”

So a big thanks to [TF2F] for not wasting my Thursday, and the practice we put into the map, it is sad to see more and more teams forfeiting, but it is almost worse that these people are not communicating with admins and informing them that the clan is defunct, which may have allowed for us to reschedule with a clan that actually wanted to play.

25 Mar / 6:39 pm

TFL: LoB over DJedi 8 – 2

I must first apologize for the late update on this one. LoB does deserve their credit for this win, and hopefully I can get some screen shots to show the scores on their much deserved victory over DJedi on Badlands.


Badlands being one of the new Valve maps just has so many options and ways to attack it, and lets just say LoB pulled it off very well. They had great grouping scouts, that won the battle of the middle almost every time with the aid of their sniper. Their demomen then piped the spire in both defense and offense making it very hard to keep. And as most people know once you lose the middle, and the spire goes you can only really prepare for the next try. Lob took charge winning round one 4 – 2, and simply repeated the same thing in round two. The only real highlight on DJedi’s end was a several minute span were we held the last CP, it was rather impressive despite we did lose it, I guess I was just shocked as for how long we held it.



29 Feb / 3:00 pm

TFL: DJedi over TF2F on CTF_WELL

Round 1

Last night we faced off against the Team Fortress 2 Fort competitive clan on ctf_well and we both played fairly conservatively for the first round. Both teams had trouble moving through the map and into enemy territory and once there had trouble hanging onto ubers due to the multitude of scouts on both teams wreaking havoc. Slingshot and Heineken formed a roaming buzzsaw and cut down everything in sight with their scatter guns. Moop and Lunk were soldiers and grouped up with theSpawn as medic and made up the rest of the offense. The first round there were so many confrontations of the opposing offense that neither team was able to pull much together. The battles in the middle allowed our scouts grabbed the flag and moved it off their platform and slowly but surely pulled out a capture to go up 1-0. For the second score of the round, the soldiers and medic pushed forward and Lunk killed himself which allowed the medic, who had uber, to live and push into their flag room, take out the sentry gun and bring the intelligence back for the final score of the round. Round 1: DJedi 2, TF2F 0

Round 2

For Round2 we stayed on the same server and switched colors. Both teams made adjustments that opened up the offense to get more captures. TF2F had to close a 2 cap lead and we needed to stay ahead of them. Shoe joined our offensive 5 as demoman leaving Grog as demo and Akira as engineer on defense in the flag room. Once again the offensive forces deathmatched in the middle of the board and by the time we fought past each other there were limited amount of players left for a push into the flag room. Tendril came in and played soldier with moop and with the additional demoman were able to take down the guns in the flag room. TF2F also had similar success with the use of an ubered heavy to take down our gun. TF2F made some tough offensive pushes and got our flag out multiple times but we were able to lock down the position and stop them from scoring. Since they had so many people on offense their defense was weak and allowed Slingshot and theSpawn to make coast to coast captures while TF2F tried to get our flag out the front door. TF2F put up a great fight the 2nd round with some tough pounding offense. Panfrie, made famous by his scouting trick jump video, was all over the place as scout and thrickstr didn’t seem to miss any rockets. Nevertheless, DJedi was able to hold on for a win for the round. Round2: DJedi 7, TF2F 4

Round 1 – DJedi 2, TF2F 0
Round 2 – DJedi 7, TF2F 4
Final Score – DJedi over TF2F 9-4

PS: The first impression of ctf_well is that it’s huge for a capture the flag map. A modified version of CP_Well, it feels and plays like a total hack job and makes just getting into the enemy base a chore. I hope leagues consider never running this in competitive play again.

22 Feb / 1:00 pm

TFL: DJedi over Quantum Flux

Last night Digital Jedi faced off against some old friends, Quantum Flux, on cp_labor, a map we have never played in competition before. We weren’t really sure what to expect and started off with a traditional lineup involving a mix of classes including scouts. We also had a new personnel lineup which included a few new Trainees with Wilson and Grog and the return of an old salt, Moopwrangler.

Round 1

The first round started like most CP maps with a hard fought battle for the middle capture point. Hein beat qf to the middle as scout and capped as much as he could before dying in a hail of gun fire. DJedi moved into position and captured the middle and with lots of qf dead, pushed to CP4 while their wave of respawned players got into position to hold us off their last point. We ubered in and picked qf apart slowly and were able to capture their last point to go up 1-0.

We started our 2nd run in pretty much the same way, except we lost the middle, and lost our 2nd control point and were gearing up for a defensive stand against incoming ubers. We counter-ubered and block the ability of qf to capture the point and when the battle was over, they had 7 down and we pushed out of our base. We recaptured the middle and pushed into CP4 and pushed them back into their base and finally captured the point to go up 2-0.

Round 2

Once again, on our 3rd run we lost the battle for mid and were pushed all the way back to our base. This time QF had some definite momentum and has us dead-to-rights on our last CP as we rushed to defensive positions. Hein, having switched to heavy from scout a few runs ago, was able to jump on the point to block a capture while dodging stickies that a demoman was planting all around him. Bobbing and weaving as heavy/medic hein and theSpawn successfully defended the back point with only a few seconds to spare and after the dust settled all of qf was dead and we were pushing with great haste to recapture the middle. Knowing we were coming for it, QF anxiously rushed out of their respawn only to be met with multiple critical stickies from Rental on their respawn door. Operation Omar Little gayed about half of Quantum Flux and allowed DJedi to take back control of the fourth capture point as Tendril rained critical rockets on the remaining defense and left qf reeling on their heels. Moop and Wilson pushed in to the last point with an uber and moop critted one medic and ran away from the uber qf’s second medic blew and amazingly managed to live. Rental swooped in with lots of people distracted or dead and a RENT-A-CAP capture ensued.

I did not get to see the end of the 4th score of the first round from SourceTV so I don’t know exactly what happened. The two defensive stands and offensive pushes witnessed from spectator mode were beautiful and reflected the values and perseverance of DJedi. Round 1, DJedi over qf 4-0

Round 2 my internet died and so I didn’t get to see or hear anything, if anyone would like to submit additional comments on the 2nd round please do so. Round 2, DJedi over qf 4-0

Final Score – DJedi over QF 8-0

SourceTV Demos from Both Rounds


Rental also had some thoughts on the match…

From my point of view, they did a good job at mid, getting into high positions on our side.
We let them get pressure on our final points a few times. They were definately prepared, getting into the high ‘ramp room’ and piping us in. Somehow we broke through, got some kills and pushed them all the way back to their last cp.
Once there, we piped them in while we built our ubers and took the caps.
Overall it seemed we did a great job of counter-ubering.

Thank you to the TFL admins for allowing this match to happen. We were originally scheduled to play a new clan from Ecuador and qf was on a bye for the week. Great games to Quantum Flux, it was a great match and I’m glad we both got to play last night.

01 Feb / 11:00 am

TFL: DJedi over The Pact 23-0

Slingshot is a Beast

Last night for TFL we met with The Pact for two, 30 minute rounds on cp_granary. For the 1st round we started out on Pact’s server and we started out with a pretty heavy lineup running no scouts. Pact beat us to the middle with 3 scouts and were attempting to capture the middle when we rolled in from all angles and proceeded to frag our way to oppressive dominance for the remainder of the match. This is most clearly shown in this screenshot from Slingshot[DJedi]>P in which he is dominating all 8 players on Pact at the same time.
DJedi over Pact 11-0

The 2nd round we started out all scout in an attempt to complete Operation X16(tm), but once again, Retro ruined it. This time he was changing video settings when we ready’d up to begin the match and we didn’t realize it, but still, his fault. Scout rush proved to be extremely effective and we went high, low, left, right to throw Pact off and avoid their countering Pyro rushes. The 2nd half diminished from a serious match to an all out fun filled party with both clans throwing the strats to the wind and running around having a good time.
DJedi over Pact 12-0


I’m very impressed with these guys, they took a pretty brutal beating, but stayed throughout the entire match, played with honor and never gave up. These chracteristics reminded me of the old days and, after a little research, possibly the most surprising thing was that The Pact is a Quakeworld Teamfortress clan. I don’t know how I don’t remember these guys, but I’m very glad to see some of the original TF players sticking around and coming back to play TF2. Look forward to facing off with you in future competitions.

Final Score: 11-0,12-0, DJedi over The Pact 23-0

28 Jan / 3:30 pm

TFL: DJedi Holds Strong vs Realm of Chaos

Round 1
DJedi over RoC 9-1

This match started off not so well with neither DJedi or RoC able to field 8 members. We agreed to play 6’s on the same map, Stronghold_b5, with the same standard TFL class restrictions. The first round we started off with 3 d and 3 o and proceeded to pull out a quick capture. Our defense only allowed our flag to inch forward a little bit at a time, but with such a wide open map and with so few people on each team it was tough to stop them from getting touches.

Round 2
DJedi over RoC 9-1

The 2nd round we got called fags by [RoC]Stiffy for camping the spawn. I’m pretty sure operation Ryan Seacrest was in effect since Rental made an appearance in the lineup. Needless to say, this guy dropped and then prompted to ban Lunk, who played defense the entire match, from their channel, #roc on 5 Days Later, I’m still banned from their channel. In a match where we were already 2 guys down, to drop, is completely without class. Enough said. DJedi over RoC 9-1

Final Scores, 9-1,9-1, DJedi over Roc 18-2

04 Jan / 2:18 pm

outSpoken over DJedi in Turbine Thriller


This was one of the best matches we have played in a long time. Maybe even topping the nail biter against [ABLE] a few weeks ago. We warmed up against dance using a ringer and hoped that we had enough people. Lunk made some frantic phone calls to find enough players for both the scrim and the match. Slingshot, who just moved, was without internet and couldn’t make it. Polar was watching a football game at a friend’s house, and Akira was probably eating dinner. We used a ringer to warm up and Akira called Polar who wanted to make sure we were playing if he showed. With everyone on the server, we waited for 12 of the 15 allowed minutes for Polar to traverse DC’s traffic clogged streets.


Round 1 started with a bang as their scouts rushed in to pull an almost immediate cap. We quickly tied it up and got into the groove of our strategy but with a strong defensive showing by oS we were down 4-2. We regrouped in the middle and started pushing forward with Operation Ryan Seacrest. Rental pushed up their gate and piped them in while the rest of the team ubered through the flag room to keep outSpoken pinned down while we capped in the background. We were up by 2 caps and got pushed back hard by oS who killed 6 of us, then 7 of us to tie the round at 7-7. Both teams collected themselves and made one final push. With both flags in the middle both teams pushed and pulled trying to get the enemy flag to their own territory. Rental picked up the enemy flag and made a B-line for our base. oS capped with 2 seconds left in the match and Rental was in the flag room jumping for the tying capture when time expires. Great 1st round, oS over DJedi 8-7.


For Round 2 we switched to the DJedi server and proceeded to get going. We made a few adjustments on D, namely putting more than one person on it. We switched Retro over to engineer to deal with the scouts dropping down through our vents. The 2nd round was very similar to the first, with both teams running highly effective offenses. Once again we fought back and forth trying to get the edge on the other team, but every move one of us made the other countered. Scouts would push into the basement and double team the D distracting them while an Ubered soldier would run in the front door and destroy Retro’s buildings. Neither team showed any sign of slowing down their offensive pushes and in a highly contested 2nd round we ended in a tie. Round 2: Tie, 8-8.


The tie in the 2nd round left oS up one cap (by 2 freakin’ seconds) to win the overall match and stay undefeated in TFL match play. Thank you guys for a wonderful evening and amazing games. MVP goes to Polar, without him the match wouldn’t have even happened.

GG oS. Final: 8-7,8-8, oS over DJedi, 16-15

Clan outSpoken submitted this writeup when they sent the scores to TFL. They also included stats for the games.

Wow, this game was intense the hole way through…

Round1: We start by capping first and they quickly tied it up, after minutes go by we are up 4-2. Then all of a sudden Djedi is stomping at our door holding our spawn with some relays they go up 7-5, with some whips cracking we rally and get 2 caps to tie it with 2 minutes left. Both clans have flags pulled close to yards, our medic DS while trying to remember the flag toss button he taunts instead of dropping me the flag which almost costed us the round. But we get it and cap only seconds before DJ to win round 1 8-7.

Round2: Went the same with us taking an early lead 4-2. But once again DJ comes screaming back and yet a round coming to an end with only minutes remaining DJ pulls to an 8-7 lead with relays. DH being the sneaky mexican he is, pulls and zig zag his way around soldiers to get a amazing ninja cap to tie rd2 8-8 and thus securing our victory with some holding ours til return at the end.

GG DJ, I havn’t had an intense match like that since TFC.

team -[outSpokeN]-