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25 Mar / 5:00 pm

Critical STA News


The votes are in! Stronger Than All, an 8v8 TF2 league, has tallied the results and removed critical shots from match play.

Bucky33 an admin for STA posted this to their front page.

The vote to end crits was shockingly even. I’ll delve more into this in the forum. The configs have been updated and are available. Starting with matches 3/25 STA will no longer use weapon criticals.

Thank you to everyone who voted, and yay for no crits. CAL and STA are now no crits, should only be a matter of time before TFL follows suit.

17 Mar / 10:30 am

STA: DJedi over SoBe on CTF_Impact

Round 1

Last Tuesday DJedi faced SoBe on on ctf_impact, a remake of a Quakeworld Teamfortress map. The first round started and both forces met in the middle of the map to jockey for position. DJedi was able to hold the middle and push a medic/soldier around the side and up onto the top of SoBe’s base. Moop dropped down the chute and double rocket jumped right back out with the flag. Moop continued to RJ away with the flag to put DJedi up early in first round. Meanwhile on the defensive side of things, SoBe tried to pull the flag up the ramp and through our glass room. But a scout didn’t realize the glass was broken and ended up dropping the flag back into the flag room after being killed by Rental and Heineken. Infinite and his medic were now on top of SoBe’s base and he is credited with pulling out another coast to coast capture. Hein, our D engineer has seen little action at this point and pushed into the middle with his shotgun blazing. Hein disrupted SoBe’s offensive push by forcing a medic to blow uber early in the yard. Infinite and theSpawn survived the blown uber and after taking down the medic/soldier combo they pushed front door and broke the glass. Infinite shot all the pipes off of the flag stand and proceeded to double RJ up and out of the chute again and dropped the flag to Tendril who was waiting on the side as scout to run the flag back for a cap. Somehow theSpawn managed to stay alive in their flag room and met infinite on the outside of their base. After the cap, theSpawn and infinite were waiting on top of SoBe’s base and dropped down to grab the flag again for a coast to coast capture. SoBe had some strong pushes but DJedi was able to stop most of them before they pushed too far into our defense.
Round 1: DJedi 8 – Sobe 4

Round 2

Round 2 we switched up the lineup, lunk took over as flag D engineer and Slingshot swapped with Rental to run around as scout. This round started off with a bigger bang as SoBe banged extremely hard on our base as they tried to make up the 4 capture deficit. Somehow we were able to hold off most of their pushes and due to their more offensive oriented strategy 2nd round, their defense was left more vulnerable. DJedi finished over SoBe in the 2nd Round.
Round 2: DJedi 12 – Sobe 4

Final Score
Round 1: DJedi 8 – SoBe 4
Round 2: DJedi 12 – SoBe 4
Final: DJedi over Sobe, 20-8

I would like to include some more excerpts of match impressions from our mailing list.

Rental Writes:

From my point of view, i think their sniper did a great job round one and really kept us on our heals. I was killed by the sniper 3 times in the first 3 minutes of the match. He would be halfway into the glassroom and still get me coming in the front. He also did a good job of protecting the side when he was up on the roof. I was there long enough to see Lunk’s -eg- skills. =).
good game all. -rntl

Wilson submitted this great recap:

All right well let me toss out some writeup material that doesnt involve their sniper :)

We started the round off with about half of our offenses trying to get into our nest and spam them as they came into our base, but this turned out to be an easily spammable area and they took out a couple of our players (medic, demoman, not sure how else). After that, we really exploited their lack of any roof defense and minimal traffic on the side entrance to their base, starting slow with only 1 or 2 caps but ramping it up with moop and infinite’s impressive rocket jumps out the chimney exit. They seemed to be running an engy but for the most part their gun was down when we made it to their flagroom. Late in the match they seemed to wise up about the roof and start playing more defense on there, so we moved to attacking the front of the base and coming through the glass, which was also effective (although slightly harder due to respawn placement, which seems somewhat problematic on this map). In round 2 it was pretty much more of the same, except I played worse and died more. Highlight was definitely healing lunk while he circle strafed around his sentry, taking out a medic and soldier uber combo that came down the chimney and keeping his gun up.

Overall we dominated their base and kept the caps flowing out at a pretty steady rate while stopping them from capping all that much. We also did a good job of not spending too much time on defense at all. Sometimes its very tempting but ctf in tf2 doesnt seem to be much of a shutout proposition so much as cap the most (kind of like 32smooth in qwtf).

I reviewed my demo as engineer and threw together a youtube video. On a second viewing I thought it was so-so, but it was fun either way! Amazing games SoBe, best of luck in the future.

10 Mar / 12:00 pm

STA: DJedi Defeats REV6 in Dustbowl Overtime

Last Tuesday DJedi faced REV6 on cp_dustbowl for STA. I asked some people for their input and will be copying it verbatim since I did not participate in the match.

Round 1
Offense: We fought valiantly and had a tough battle capturing the 2nd stage of dustbowl. For the 3rd stage we ubered through and took out their gun and Rental captured (gay’d) the last CP with no one around.

Defense: Tried to stop REV6 at 2b but they broke through and captured. REV6 Pushed hard on us on the 3rd stage and ultimatley capped out.

Round 2 – See above

Over Time
OT consisted of a stopwatch round on only the 1st stage of dustbowl. We captured first with 4:01 left on the gameclock. Our defense held stout and as the clock ticked down, we held out longer to ultimatley win the match. REV6 dropped from the server knowing they had lost and after multiple hours of match play I don’t blame them.

I would like to extend our gratitude to STA for making dustbowl the longest running match map ever, clocking in at just under 2.5 hours.

PS.: Sorry for such a late writeup and such a lackadaisical approach to the article.


Rental’s POV
I know I had two solo -rent-a-cap-’s, the first was
Offensive Stage 3… ubered in, took out the gun and kept pushing to their back CP.
Put pipes on the spawn doors and capped the final CP right after we capped the front.
The other one I forget.. might have been at stage 2.

Wilson’s POV
Similar to Rental my night started out with incredibly frustrating technical issues, although mine resolved around 60% packetloss from comcast. Props to Akira for stepping it up in the medic position for round 1. Luckily things resolved themself for round 2 so I came in and replaced theSpawn as medic.

Highlights from the round I remember
- R1 our engineer’s sentry taking out two of their team unattended in point 1a
- Rental’s rent-a-cap on the last point
- Rental killing like 5 of their team when we were on defense and lost point 2a. We had like 3 people down after they took point a and they were pushing forward with their entire team and I remember someone saying ‘Rental you better kill their entire team’ or something and then seeing like 5 of them die, so that was huge
- Sling’s uber charge during OT
- Lunk for shoutcasting the match to the rest of us on vent since hltv only had one slot in r1 :(
- Tendril and Moop soldiering in OT on 1b for dominating the platform and keeping the enemy from gaining the strategic high ground

Hein’s POV
2a hosing down 7 or 8 people in a 1 minute span to die to 3 crit rockets simultaneously shot at me on the point.
r2 backstabbing the hw and medic on 3a so we could push in.
OT going 13-0

MVP moments
-Sling’s uber building in OT (even though all of our soldiers should be doing this, he took the initiative to know that it HAD to be done to get the win and it paid off).
-Rental: sneaking behind the D both round 1 and 2 to get cp 3b (props).
-Rental: moving from 3a to 3b and piping the one way area and moving back (i spectated while dead, after the flying crits) and watched him lay sticky after sticky and them walk right over them.

Darwin Award winner
-Akira: for having 100% uber and saying to push then switching off me to die to the stickies on the wall.

Shoe’s POV
Did really well on offense up until OT where I seemed to hit a wall every time
Getting hammered as engy until OT where I somehow kept my gun up through 3 uber charges on it until they finally destroyed it on their final (unsuccessful) push

MVP moments:
Slingshot sniping on Red Rd2

28 Feb / 4:20 pm

STA: DJedi over FOoM, 7-4 on cp_labor

Season 2 of the Stronger Than All Team Fortress 2 8on8 tournament started off with a bang Tuesday night. For our inaugural second season match we faced off against The Fraternal Order of Moof on cp_labor. DJedi was the away team and played on their server for both rounds. provides the absolute worst game server products, our server was completely unplayable and was canceled after a failed scrimmage with bloc where the server lagged to the point of being unplayable and finally crashed.

Round 1
Round 1

The first round got off to a start and we were feeling confident having been successful in multiple scrimmages before the Tuesday night match. We barreled into the middle point on our first rush and FOoM smacked us in the face really hard and took out 5 guys as they claimed their stake on the CP. Keeping up their momentum FOoM pushed us back and proceeded to capture our next point and work up 2 ubers for the final assault on our last CP. After what seemed like an insanely long wait in respawn purgatory most of our guys were back up. Slingshot>P snuck out of our high entrance and got the drop on a charged medic who was staging for an attack on the last point. FOoM pushed forward from low right with their remaining uber but we were able to counter with our own and stand on our final point which was now about a third of the way captured. We held off their assault and used our second ubercharge to move forward and reclaim CP2. We had the momentum and our soldiers and heavies pushed forward to the middle point and got in position to meet FOoM’s respawn wave as they flooded the middle. After mowing down their forces we held back, maintained position and worked up our ubers. Our first venture into enemy territory we went in with two ubers and picked apart the FOoM defense and pushed them back to claim CP4. As an uber was running out though, Slingshot and his medic pushed on the left into the final CP and killed their reinforcements. Though he lost his medic in the firefight, Slingshot was still standing after the dust settled and he solo-captured to put DJedi up 1-0.

All 8 Teammates

After the reset we attacked and lost the middle but without losing as many people this time. We fell back to our 2nd CP and dug in to thwart an uber-laden attack. We held strong this time and did not give up the point, having the advantage we pushed forward and met more resistance in the middle. We slowly picked apart FOoM in the middle and with a crit rocket from the barn, moop took out the final two enemies to capture the middle point. Still having the advantage we pushed forward to claim CP4, but their defense flushed us back into the middle and kept us at bay. For 2-3 minutes neither team could make any forward progress and eventually we heard the 60 second warning, which prompted us to get moving. We moved in with staggered ubers and took CP4 even with strong resistance. However in our rush against the clock, we left moop all alone to cap and a heavy in the window cut him down. At this point we had a 6 people on their last, locked, cp and we had to wait for someone to fall back and cap the point fully. This little fumble allowed FOoM to collapse on CP4 and cap it, which helped us by adding 2 minutes to the clock. Our respawn wave arrived to CP4 just as they were capturing with a Heavy/Medic combo and Slingshot and Moop proceeded to decimate everyone who stood in front of them and cleared the road all the way to their last point and the ensuing cap. DJedi goes up 2-0.

Our next attempt was a monumental failure. We attacked mid and lost 6 people while FOoM lost maybe 1 or 2. With no chance to recover we were completely rolled and when we exited our respawn we met their entire team and died while they capped the point. FOoM scored and the game is now at 2-1. The next two scores were very similar to the above battles, lots of push and pull from both teams as we fought for positioning. We traded scores, first DJedi went up 3-1 and then FOoM closed the gap in the remaining minutes of Round 1 with a last minute score. Round 1: DJedi 3, Foom 2

Both teams took a brief intermission and switched up the colors. We played on the same server for the above reasons. The 2nd round was a hard fought battle with lots of similar gameplay as round 1. I think we still lost the middle everytime but were able to hold off the attacks and push out.

Round 2
Round 2

Fast forward four scores and Round 2 is tied up at 2-2. DJedi still has the lead for the overall match, but FOoM had been dominating us the entire 5th mini-round and we had our backs against the wall. Our last point had already been captured about half way from previous FOoM incursions and we were bracing for a double-ubered push that would be the tying cap for FOoM. Rockets and pipes and critical minigun shots (oh my) were flying all over the place. We countered with an uber and stood on the point to block their capture. A well placed rocket from one of our soldiers knocked the heavy off the point and when uber wore off, we destroyed their entire team. FOoM had at least 6 or 7 guys down and we pushed out to capture our CP2 and continued rolling into the middle. Carrying the momentum we killed an unorganized FOoM counterattack and were able to pick them off one-by-one and move in for a final score that put us up 3-2 for the 2nd round, and gave us a 2 score lead for the match. This deflated FOoM a bit and with time still on the clock we easily captured for the 4th time of the round to take our overall lead to 3 before the round ended. Round 2: DJedi 4, Foom 2

This was a great game against a distinguished and historic clan. FOoM showed incredible talent and sportsmanship and it really shows why they have been together for over 800 matches. We look forward to our next epic conflict and wish you the best of luck in future STA games.

Round 1: DJedi over FOoM 3-2
Round 2: DJedi over FOoM 4-2
Final Score: DJedi over Foom 7-4

Source TV Demos

31 Jan / 12:33 pm

STA Playoffs: DJedi over Sandawgs

Tuesday night we faced off against Sandawgs on cp_granary for the first round of the STA Silver TF2 playoffs. They had some members with a bad routing hop pinging between 200 and 600 to our server so we agreed to play both rounds away on the Sandawg server located in Chicago.

Round 1

Round 1 started promptly at 9:30 sharp, an unheard of event in online gaming, and both teams raced to the middle battlegrounds. With an impressive display of heavy classes |SD| rushed out of the right side and started pounding us. With our soldiers high we were able to keep them running for cover and after exchanging a few kills we were in position and captured the middle point. This round was full of extended back and forth battles with each clan capturing in the opening minutes to make the score 1-1. Little did we know, the 3rd score would be one of the longest granary rounds we have played in competition and would be the deciding factor of the match. After 20 minutes of back and forth fury DJedi executed what we had been working on since Sunday and pushed in with a coordinated double uber attack to overwhelm the 4th control point and ultimately seal the victory for Round 1. DJedi over SD 3-1

Hein had an interesting observation,

Their rush to the middle was good, but they never ever stood on the middle point.
I found that odd
So i’d just juke and dodge while on the point and keep capping it and then we’d rush forward and get the next.

Round 2 began after a brief break. Thank you Retro for riding the pine for two Rounds, you deserve to play with how much time you put in to the team. We made no lineup changes for the 2nd round and stuck with our starting lineup throughout the entire match.

Round 2

The 2nd Round was almost identical to the first, with |SD| and DJedi tying it up at 1-1 and then pushing back and forth for control of the middle. |SD| continued to push from the same side the entire match and we exploited this while still expecting them to switch up their attack. In the end we were able to close out the 2nd round with the exact same score but with a bit more confidence in the later rounds considering we had clenched the victory already. Round 2, DJedi over SD 3-1

Final, DJedi over |SD|, 6-2
Great game |SD| and we look forward to clashing with you in the future.

28 Jan / 2:45 pm

Antec 900 Review

I have been keeping track of some overclocking adventures on personal blog and just wanted to share some of the results that I was able to get with the addition of the Antec 900 gaming case.


Over the weekend I rebuilt my computer into the Antec 900 case. The parts arrived on Tuesday but with work and TF2 matches I couldn’t risk being down during the middle of the week. This case is a definite improvement in cooling over the Sonata III that I originally purchased for my system.

When I initially was putting this system together I didn’t expect to do any overclocking. The hardware was already pretty fast and would play any games out now and rocked my primary concern of Team Fortress 2 without breaking a sweat. Then I tried overclocking just to see what performance gain I could achieve and was pleasantly surprised that I could take the processor to 3.6GHZ on stock cooling.

Sorry for the cross post, but copy & paste is too easy and I really think other gamers can benefit from this case.

09 Jan / 11:10 am

STA: DJedi over Ministry of Pain

Round 1 – D

Last evening we squared off against our long time friends, Ministry of Pain. Playing against ]MP[ in an official match brought back great memories of last century and the epic battles we played in Quakeworld Team Fortress. STA was around back then too which made this event that much more nostalgic.

Round 2 - O

For the 2nd match in a row we were scrambling for people. Comcast still hasn't shown up at Slingshot's new house to hook up the internet. Hein's computer was thrashed by a tornado producing storm in the mid west. Infinite's still on the east coast with a super laptop that gets negative frames per second. theSpawn, fell asleep before his 3rd shift, niko and Speedy have been completely missing since the holidays. Luckily we recruited Pure this week and after talking with ]MP[ they allowed him to play without any problems, thanks guys.

Round 3 - O

Fenris, having completely ditched WoW, was required to fill out our 8th spot. In the confusion we realized he didn't have a mic, so we made him engineer and showed him where to position the gun to defend for the start of round 1. For the 1st half we played D, Akira and Pure played medic while Tendril and Lunk played soldier and Polar ran heavy. This left team Destruction Monster, Rental and Retro to run around as demomen. We were able to stop ]MP[ in their tracks and hold them off at B until time expired.

Round 4 - D

For Offense we considered switching Polar from heavy to soldier, but he stayed put. Fenris abandoned engineer to play soldier. Without a mic he was kind of running blindly around the map, killing everything in sight. Our two demomen switched to faster classes in scout and spy and proceeded to capture A uncontested. Our primary attack was focused on B and we ubered in to clear the fortifications setup by ]MP[. They were running two engineers, but neither of them were able to get a gun up during setup and we attacked as many people on the ground floor as possible. We jumped up and took out the D on the roof to capture B. Meanwhile we already had our Spy at C to begin capping the last point. ]MP[ cleared the point and we pushed in to attack the last point. After getting within half a second of capturing the point, Lunk RJ'd up from the top of A entrance dropping a few rockets on to the heads of the defenders to capture C.

Rounds 3 and 4 were similar to the first two. DJedi holding out at B on defense and capping out on O. As always, it's good to play with such longtime friends. Great games MP, look forward to our next encounter.

MVP goes to fenris, who showed up with at least a month of rust and still was able to be the MVP of round 2. Without him we would have had to play down a man. Akira should also get an honorable mention for being in the MVP list on all 4 screenshots.

Round 1: 2-0 DJedi
Round 2: 2-0 DJedi
Final Score: DJedi over ]MP[ 4-0

19 Dec / 9:59 am

STA: DJedi vs Elemental Dragons

This match we played Elemental Dragons, {ED} on CTF_Turbine. This was our first match on this map and we didn’t really know what to expect.

The 1st round started out on our server and ended up with us pushing them back to their respawn hallway and holding them while heineken ran caps as scout. 1st Round ended up 23-2 DJedi.

The 2nd round we got a little silly as lunk switched from Soldier to Scout. I think Polar switched from Soldier to Engineer for a little while and put a gun up in the middle. We held the enemy in their hallway with a soldier/medic/demoman combo at each door and while lunk and hein ran relay caps in the background. We played no D on turbine and it showed, letting up 7 caps. The 2nd round ended 32-7 DJedi.

Final Score: 23-2, 32-7, DJedi over {ED} 55-9

12 Dec / 10:32 am

STA TF2 Results Darwin Award Winners vs. DJedi

Last night we went up against Darwin Award Winners, clan tag (x_x), on the majorly crappy revision of cp_granary. Seriously valve needs to fix this map for competitive play instead of public server play.


That aside, back to the agenda at hand, around 9:25pm we realized that we only had 7 players to field and had to make some phone calls to get people online. Special super duper thanks goes out to Rental’s fiancĂ© for allowing him to play since we desperately needed his Scout talent.


We started off the round with an all scout rush in an attempt to complete super secret classified, but now released to the public, Operation X16 strategy. Sadly Retro had forgotten to record a demo and stopped short of the middle cap point and we were only to deploy operation X14. He has been flogged repeatedly for dragging down the team. We scout rushed 3 times in a row to win the round. Score 3-0 DJedi.


The 2nd round we played our more usual classes, with some people playing things they don’t normally play in matches. I was a medic for the 2nd time in match play and for the 1st time I didn’t get completely destroyed! Though it wasn’t pretty, I still managed to make it to the last point of the match and help us win the 2nd round. Score 3-0 DJedi.

Final Score: 6-0 DJedi over (x_x)

27 Nov / 11:41 pm

Stronger Than All Match: DJedi over KQ

Tonight DJedi played in our first STA match for TF2 on CTF_2Forts versus Kaipira Quake Clan. Our defense was both bored and baffled by the interesting strategies they were running to try to get into our base.

Round 1 Round 2
djedikq-round1.jpg djedikq-round2.jpg

Rental’s Writeup

Yah so we won. 16 Caps. Not bad.
Like an elderly person with gas though, we let one out. I was standing at the top of the stairs with pipes at the bottom saying “i hope they dont go spiral” …sure enough.. no big deal. Lunk has recieved 40 lashes for his tomfoolery.
He made up for it by not getting killed at all round 2.

Totally my fault for letting that one go. I switched to heavy to clear the bridge and got hit with a crit on two runs for 40 seconds of awesome respawn waiting.