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18 May / 12:00 pm

Infernal Gamers Frag Video

15 May / 12:00 pm

TF2 a`PX – Demoman Frag Video

14 May / 12:32 pm

Pyro Rocket Jump

Thanks to ZillaBunny for finding this video. Even though it’s setup and not during the normal course of play, it’s still pretty awesome.

09 May / 12:00 pm

Digital Jedi vs. Gothic Terror, December 19, 1999

This is a round of a match between Digital Jedi and Gothic Terror. These videos show the round from Valpurgius[DJedi]’s perspective. DJedi and GT both put up strong defensive fronts, with Valpurgius leading the way on defense, while our hero moop manages the only cap of the round, 1-0 to DJedi. If moop and/or Valpurgius ever care to give me a detailed writeup, I will post it here.

Game Stats

09 May / 10:06 am

New Dedicated Player Recruited for DJedi

26 Feb / 5:51 pm

TF2 Scout Jumps: Force-A-Nature Possibilities

24 Feb / 6:13 pm

Fail Spy Is Fail

18 Feb / 10:00 am

Team Fortress 2 Frag Video

All the clips from this video are from an 8v8 STA match on cp_labor. I was planning to go back and get some more clips, but the latest update update released by valve invalidated the old demos, again.

02 Feb / 8:00 pm

The Competitive TF2 Configuration

Daniel Harvey has put together a site dedicated to competitive TF2 scripts. The image below shows off some of the design of this script by describing how to use the keypad to change your cl_interp setting while in game.

  1. All capable weapons will automatically reload. You can toggle autoreload on and off with keypad 0.
  2. You can switch between alternate weapons (such as the kritzkrieg or backburner) with f1, f2, and f3 for primary, secondary and melee, respectively.
  3. You can hide the models of hit scan weapons with keypad delete (you can easily change which weapon models are hidden in the class.cfgs and whether or not weapons are hidden by default at the top of competitive.cfg)
27 Jan / 12:00 pm

Airblast Air Axe

Captured during a Goldrush Match vs Dance brigade, this is a sweet axe on PlatinumShadow. <3 Platinum.