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23 Aug / 12:00 pm

Arena Mach Released

Vilepickle has been at it again, releasing a custom arena map based on Mach4. After some play testing the other day, VP took some suggestions and added a small health outside on the stump and to make the bases worth going into, put a medium health pack on the old flag pedestal. Mach4 has been re-themed with with the new alpine textures and materials provided with the heavy update to create an aesthetically pleasing arena map.


From the Readme:

The Mach bases have been relocated to a forested environment. A new game mode awaits players in this lush scenery, one without flags that Mach is known for. The level has undergone some large modifications to compensate. The middle area is now larger. Players can now get up out of the previous flag area pit easily. A spawn room has been eliminated, and the sniper deck is accessible to all from outside the base. There is more cover outside. The sky is much, much higher than in the CTF version. This is a bit different than other Arena maps, because I’ve opted to have a decent amount of health packs around the map. There are two small ones in the middle (one on the tower, one on the stump), one small in each sewer entrance, and a medium pack on the previous flag stands to encourage use of the bases.

Download (7zip – 7.3MB)
Download (zip – 10.5MB)

26 Jul / 2:00 pm

Canalzone Beta 2 Released

Update! Beta2 of Canalzone has been released! The first beta spread pretty quickly in it’s one day of existence, spanning from France to Chicago to Japan. Please post any feedback, comments, bugs or suggestions you may have about the new Canalzone.


You may download the map directly from VilePickle’s website.
Download (7zip – 9.40MB)
Download (zip – 21.40MB)
Download (bz2 – 21.60MB)

It is also available on FPSBanana.

24 Jul / 2:00 pm

Canalzone Beta Released


Finally, the wait is over. After much wishing, hoping, praying and finally, the posting of a bounty, Canalzone beta 1 has arrived for community consumption. Thanks to VilePickle’s many hours of hard work, Canalzone has been updated with a new domination game mode and re-themed to fit into the world of Team Fortress 2. Now that the map is in beta, we hope players find the map as fast paced and exciting as we all did.

Blue Warehouse

For fans of the original canalzon from QWTF, there have been a few notable changes. First, there are no flags to carry around, there are 8 CP’s. Secondly, the scores do not go toward team points like they used to. In TF2 that would result with lots of silly dinging. Each team has a meter counting towards 100% and is reflected in the score meter both in the user interface and in the middle of most CP’s. The team who reaches 100% first, by controlling the most points is awarded the score for that round and the teams switch sides. A team may also win the round by capturing all 8 CP’s. There is no command center.

Canalzone Map

New players, upon seeing this map for the first time may be a bit confused. There are many control points and they are all named and numbered. Please review this overhead view of the map to get your feel for the lay of the land. This map was created to reflect the quakeworld version of canalzon, but the basic architecture and point identification is the same. Of note, there are no more secrets and all paths have been opened up between the CP’s.

This map need some beta testing to shake out any bugs that may not be apparent. This map is well on its way and Vile will more than likely receive the previously posted bounty.

You may download the map directly from VilePickle’s website.
Download (7zip – 9.40MB)
Download (zip – 21.40MB)
Download (bz2 – 21.60MB)

07 Jul / 1:30 pm

Wanted: Canalzone, $100 Bounty

Canalzone was a favorite map by lots of old school Quake World Teamfortress Players. Digital Jedi has decided to post a bounty for all map designer to recreate this masterpiece in the world of Team Fortress 2. If you have any questions on the requirements for claiming the bounty, please e-mail lunk, or stop by #digital on

21 Jun / 6:00 pm

Pyro Achievements And Unlockable Weapons

It’s official, the pyro achievements have been released! In addition to the new achievements, included in the update is a suite of new unlockable weapons, The Axtinguisher, The Backburner, and The Flare Gun.

These weapons could have taken a number of turns as seen in this concept art.
Flaregun Concept Art
More details can be found on the official pyro pack site.

This update also includes two community created maps, ctf_turbine and cp_fastlane. Having played a couple of games on Turbine it’s one of the most balanced CTF maps out. It’s not as dull and boring as ctf_well and allows the players to move around with ease. I haven’t checked out Fastlane as of this writing, someone let me know how it is.

Turbinecrit-on-scout.jpgFast Lane

Hopefully this release of pyro achievements won’t be so easy to hack. The bug from the last release that allowed players to unlock all achievements and run around causing havoc.

Updates to Team Fortress 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

  • Added 2 community maps: cp_fastlane and ctf_turbine


  • Added alt-fire compression blast to the basic flamethrower
  • Added The Axtinguisher, The Backburner, and The Flare Gun
  • Hadouken taunt now kills people it hits
  • Tuned the flamethrower hit detection to improve detection versus retreating opponents
  • Removed Flamethrower’s damage falloff (was falling off to 25% by the end)

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12 May / 11:30 am

Team Fortress Custom Map CP_Castle4 Released

Vilepickle has been at it again, releasing yet another update to his completely original CP_Castle map. Big thanks to all the time and hardwork you put into these maps. Without you the TF2 community would not be flourishing with such an abundance of high quality, user created, custom maps. You rule Vile, even though you stab me in the back as spy sometimes.

The map cp_castle3 has, at long last, been updated to cp_castle4.  This version fixes many of the troublesome issues of version 3 such as campable spawn doors, overly large stages (stage 3), and adds features like another CP to stage 1.  The map also looks much better than version 3, which should be a welcome change.  If you are running Castle right now or have stopped running the map, I encourage you to check out this version, because it is quite a bit different.

README (full changelist):



Download: (7-zip) (zip)

Changes from Castle3
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30 Apr / 2:00 pm

CP_Stag Gone Gold!

Our good friend in REV6 and community architect, Vilepickle, has released his final version of CP_Stag. This map was a favorite of Q3F players everywhere and I’m glad to see it ported and updated for Team Fortress 2.

stag-1.jpg  stag-2.jpg

A blogger over at Bad Gamers had the following to say.

Vilepickle’s cp_stag reached final as expected and the minor fixes to the already quite polished b4 were wider corridors in the mid section in order to keep the demomen even more busy with their sticky bombs. If you don’t already have all his maps then go grab the Pickle Jar pack of 6 map delicacies!