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21 Mar / 10:00 am

Everything I Know About Spy

The Photoshop, a self proclaimed sneaky bastard and administrator of Nup! Squad Features, has put together a video showing off everything he knows about spy. N!SF is an Australian based clan who got their start winning a Nintendo Power sponsored, Goldeneye007 tournament on the Nintendo 64. Looks like they’ve been playing first person shooters since around 1997 and I’m glad they’re into Team Fortress 2. Without further ado, here’s the video.

11 Mar / 11:00 am

TF2 Dispenser Papercraft


Found an article that was showing off the latest in paper craft, a project for creating a Team Fortress 2 dispenser. The blog post I found had some final images, but they included a link to a HiwayChile site with more detailed images and four PDF files that give exact dimensions and instructions for creating your own dispenser out of paper. Click the above image for a hi-res version.

05 Feb / 3:45 pm

Team Fortress 2 on Ubuntu Linux


I have been a huge Linux fan and exclusive user since 2000 due to the large sucking sound emanating from Redmond. Well TF2 came out, I got a new PC, I had to run windows. Have been with DJedi since before drawing a line in the sand I swore, that if TF2 every became anything more than vapor-wear, I would run windows to make it happen. The reward for throwing my morals to the wind was I finally got to play with my long time friends again.

Alas! I may still be able to salvage my soul from the bowels of Microsoft and still be able to enjoy quality online games with my friends. I ran across an article that shows Howto run Team Fortress 2 on Ubuntu Linux.

Who says you can’t play games on Linux? Of course you can! Well… not all of them, but at least some of the nicer ones, such as Half-Life 2, Counter Strike or Unreal Tournament. Today’s guide will teach you, step-by-step,

29 Jan / 2:10 pm

TF2 – How To Play Medic

Found this video while looking around on Someone who is a pretty good medic took some in-game footage of how to execute some of the best medic techniques. Thank you for your hard work it really shows in this video.

VideoSift Comment:

Here is yet another guide showing you how to play as the medic class in Team Fortress 2, except this one is VERY thorough. There are invaluable tips for medic players, beginner to expert. This is a must-see video for TF2 players as it expounds upon the tips in the previously sifted video. There is some great music that goes with it too, so it’s enjoyable and educational. Around 8 minutes through the tips you get to see how the real medics use the bonesaw and syringe gun.

Video Author’s Comment:

My movie shows the golden rules of medic gameplay and is for entertainment. Fits for young medics who want an insight of this wonderful class and old medic compadres for entertainment. I always wanted to create something nice with Sony Vegas and i think it was worth it. I mixed together only the best clips i have recorded so far. If you watch this video pls write a comment and let me know what you think about it!

10 Jan / 2:25 pm

TF2 Howto Play Demoman

Saw this video over at VideoSift, a pretty neat website, similar to Digg, but for videos. Not much to say about this other than it shows some of the basic and more advanced techniques to playing Demoman in TF2.

Looks like he also takes out the guy who created the Spy and Pyro howto videos.

A guy named medeepblue created the video and provides this description on the youtube link.

This is a video I made to help people beginning to play demoman in Team Fortress 2. I hope it helps people ^^.
This is made with the PC version, but it all apllies to the 360 too, naturally.
Oh, and sorry for the weird Technique s- text,
but I somehow couldn’t get that right.

Fun fact: At about 1:45, the guy I’m killing is Daedalus, who made two other How To Play TF2 videos: Spy and Pyro.

10 Jan / 10:15 am

Scout Trick Jumps

This video was posted to youtube recently and shows some killer scout jumps on all of the official maps released by Valve. I’m a horrible scout and probably couldn’t pull off half of those moves.

T6 PanFrie }svny{|DF| Jumping around on all the stock maps (except for hydro… cause it suck), showing faster ways to get places, and just different ways around the maps in general


Oops, after posting this I realized that already has an article about the same thing up. You’re too fast madlep!

09 Jan / 2:04 pm

Dust Skywalker

Found this while trolling for the latest TF2 news. Looks like it’s fairly easy to exploit cp_dustbowl to allow players to walk on the models that make up the sky. This must drive level designers nuts. Looks like it’s very easy to do with a soldier or a demo man. Thanks to the guys over at Team Fortress Guides for finding this.

A new approch to an old exploit: How-to get above Dustbowl and skywalk there as Soldier using Rocketjumps (or Demoman using Stickyjumps). Video by the brilliant producer FunnyFaceDrinker.

06 Dec / 9:48 am

TF2 A Guide For Playing Medic


The medic is the single most important member of a team during match play. The ability to go invulnerable is without a doubt the most powerful strategic advantage in team fortress 2.
When I hit my RSS news reader this morning, had a post about Kaede’s Medic Guide. I glanced over it quickly this morning, but upon further investigation it is quite complete and very informative. I even learned a thing or two.


  • You do not require a target in order to activate uber.
  • If you activate uber without a target, you alone will become invulnerable.
  • If you have activated uber without a target, and then FIND a target and heal them, they will gain invulnerability for the remaining length of ubertime.
  • If you switch targets during uber, there will be a slight delay whilst your medigun beam reaches out to the new person. The further away they are, the longer that delay will be.

03 Dec / 6:19 pm

Engineers can build on Trains

Found this entry over at about how, as an engineer, you can build buildings on top of the trains. Once built it seems to float in mid-air for a while until the next train comes by to destroy it.

I found this video after a little research and realized, it is possible as an Engineer to build on top of moving trains in cp_well. All you have to do is jump down on the moving train and build as you are on top of it. Your structure will be built in the air with nothing below it. Here is a video:

27 Nov / 2:32 pm

TF2 Heavy HowTo Video

As a follow up to my recent post to about howto play Spy and Pyro I found a new video on Youtube that illustrates how to excel at Heavy. While much of this is obvious to us veterans, it’s still pretty cool to reflect upon the tools that are available now, such as youtube and the blogosphere, and just how much more information is out there to consume compared to being a newb in the late 90’s trying to figure out all the intricacies of QWTF.

Enjoy the video.