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09 Jan / 2:04 pm

Dust Skywalker

Found this while trolling for the latest TF2 news. Looks like it’s fairly easy to exploit cp_dustbowl to allow players to walk on the models that make up the sky. This must drive level designers nuts. Looks like it’s very easy to do with a soldier or a demo man. Thanks to the guys over at Team Fortress Guides for finding this.

A new approch to an old exploit: How-to get above Dustbowl and skywalk there as Soldier using Rocketjumps (or Demoman using Stickyjumps). Video by the brilliant producer FunnyFaceDrinker.

08 Jan / 8:54 am

TF2 Aimbot, Great.

Even with all of the measures taken by Valve to eliminate cheating, a member of the Artificial Aiming,, (not linked on purpose) has managed to create an aim bot. Gotta love people that spend more time creating cheats than they do practicing the game to get better. Now I’m not positive that this guy was playing on a VAC enabled server or what, but the video makes me a little sick to watch. It looks like another guy created a radar that was integrated into the aim bot too.

To create something like this is mega lame and I hope the authors burn a fiery death.