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17 Nov / 3:30 pm

Play Left4Dead on TF2 maps

Wilson[DJedi] pasted this link into IRC from Kotaku. You can now relive what it’s like playing on a public server in TF2, just mow down the zombies.

You can even download the hacked map and check it out for yourself.

Not much of a surprise this is a possibility, the two games do use the same game after all. But Left 4 Dead hasn’t even launched and someone’s already modding it (probably the demo, anyway.) Here’s nine minutes — reloading! — of Left 4 Dead gunplay on TF2’s Dustbowl map (slightly customized). Warning, the volume on this sucker is hecka loud for some reason, with tons of — reloading! — gunfire.

09 Jul / 9:30 am

TF2 Hitboxes

A big thanks to Avatar[DJedi] for finding this video on It captures some damning evidence between the difference of real hitboxes vs. visible player models. This could possibly be tweaked with some client-side prediction and interpolation settings, hopefully someone else will figure out the commands to fix the issue.

30 Jun / 4:00 pm

Pyro Haduuken Kills Spectators

Brought to you by EvilDaedelus, the same author who created multiple howto videos fro Pyro, Spy and (not)Engineer, this video shows off an exploit that allows the pyro’s new taunt to kill anyone who is watching close enough in spectator. The group death is especially cool.

30 Apr / 4:00 pm

TF2 Update Removes Achievement Unlocking Hack

Looks like Valve realized their mistake of leaving the achievement console commands in the game. They released another patch today to eliminate the command and I would assume anyone who used it will have their achievements reset in due time.


Updates to Team Fortress 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

Team Fortress 2 Client

  • Removed TF2 achievement console commands

Team Fortress 2 Server

  • Fixed clients being able to trigger sv_soundscape_printdebuginfo on the server
  • Fixed potential “nuke” exploit in rcon subsystem

Would also like to thank the readers of Planet HalfLife for visiting today. I couldn’t figure out why our traffic was so high today! They linked us on their front page.

30 Apr / 10:30 am

TF2 Unlock All Achievements Hack

Wilson posted a link in our IRC channel this morning that shows how the more casual gamer can get all the new TF2 achievements without playing the game.

Maybe you only play occasionally and wanted to be able to be on the same level as other players (to be fair) or you simply never play as Medic and just wanted to see the weapons for a few rounds of fun. Either way, we won’t judge you.

07 Apr / 4:20 pm

Team Fortress 2 Wall Hack

Wow, while looking through a bunch of videos this weekend I ran across this little video. It shows how easy it is to hack the models in TF2 by only using notepad to change a few bytes to make every model show up as a wire frame. I’m sure Valve will have a fix out for this soon, but the simplicity behind this hack makes you wonder how many other blatant holes are in Valve’s game code.

18 Mar / 10:00 am

Engineer Exploits

Dustbowl Skywalking

2Fort Cow Visitation

18 Feb / 10:00 am

Badlands Under Map Exploit

Looks like valve made the same mistake they did with Gravelpit and left some holes in the map that allow people to fall under the floor and build sentries. Here’s a vide from TF2 Exploit Blog that shows the exploit in it’s full glory. I would expect another team roomba video soon.

25 Jan / 9:33 am

Team Fortress 2 – Dustbowl Stage 3 Glitch

Looks like players have once again done something Valve could never have predicted. I expect a fix for Dustbowl to be out in one of the upcoming patches.


Unusual place for a Sentry Gun.


As demonstrated at the end, although the window framing does seem solid, the windows themselves appear to be completely without physics.

10 Jan / 10:58 am

Wireframe Wall Hack Built Into Team Fortress 2

Occlusion Tool

Someone named Antti found a hack built directly into the TF2 engine that allows you to wall hack and see wireframe outlines of the items you can’t see on the screen by using the included “Occlusion Tool”. Wikipedia has a good definition of what Occlusion is.

In computer graphics, the term is used to describe the manner in which an object closer to the viewport masks (or occludes) an object further away from the viewport. In the graphics pipeline, a form of occlusion culling is used to remove hidden surfaces before shading and rasterizing take place.

According to the poster, currently, you won’t get banned by using this exploit on VaC servers. With the flurry of hacks released recently I really hope valve does something to curb the usage of these cheats.