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16 May / 10:00 am

Interesting Soldier Theories

I received an article submission this morning from SpotPuff, owner and author of The Theory of Gaming blog. Some of his points seem a bit off and more geared towards success on public servers where chaos reigns supreme. I think soldiers’ ability to put firepower at distance is key to success of any competitive team. While I don’t agree with all of the issues he is discussing, his opinions are thought provoking. If nothing else, he has created a good set of skills you should practice and perfect if you have hopes of competing against some of the top players in the game.

I wrote an article on soldier issues; just wanted to see if you wanted
to link it on your site as a news article or something.

Feel free to comment too :) You guys are probably better than I am so
maybe it’s just my epic suck causing soldier to be terrible.

07 Apr / 10:00 am

Second Soldier Video in Two Days

Found yet another soldier video on Youtube today. This one is a little better than the last post and from the authors comments was put together with Sony Vegas.

06 Apr / 12:00 pm

Soldier Video Preview

Found a preview for soldier video by deVall3y. I have subscribed to his video feed hopefully he’ll release the full version.

03 Mar / 10:00 am

MW|Reptile Soldier Video

Jh has created a stupendous soldier video which includes CEVO-P highlights and lots of air rockets delivered by Reptile. Most folks recognize Reptile from his 6v6 squad, Team Pandemic, but since we play 8v8 DJedi knows him from Mortal Wound.

You can download a higher quality version of the video from the Pandemic site.

31 Jan / 1:30 pm

Egad Pit’s Soldier Boy

Heh, i’m not a fan of this song at all, but I knew someone would do this at some point. Good work on the video Egad Pit.

This time I got a lot of help from my friend and producer, Heavy B, so you’ll definitely hear and see a huge difference in the audio and video. Also, big ups to Soulja Boy on the original. Finally, thanks to WeGame for hosting my videos!