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01 Apr / 6:00 am

DJedi Retires On Top Of Their Game

With all the recent turmoil in the land of TF2 8v8, DJedi has decided to close it’s doors. In order to stop from repeating the multitude of reasons that brought us to this decision, I have linked to an article that lays out exactly the problems we were having and our inability to solve them.

It was a great run, and we love everyone who made TF2 what it is, but sadly, we have to say goodbye.

Good Games TF2.

April Fools
25 Mar / 6:41 pm

DJedi 2 – 0, over Team the Ubercide

I hope I am not screwing this all up, as we were scheduled to play Team the Ubercide, but I believe that their Team Fortress 2 division might be called 5 Elements. Not sure so you have my apologies if I am wrong on that account. However, after agreeing to take Easter Sunday off, we rescheduled like a hand full of teams I believe, to play on Monday. So we threw down on Granary after some trouble lengthy discussion about [5e] not being able to field 8 players and wanting us to drop one. We eventually agreed, but the lack of HLTV forced our spectator to join up instead of leaving, luckily shortly into round one their eighth player showed up, and the mismatch was a non-factor.

Round One &Two

Was a pretty standard run of Granary, soldiers and scouts all pushing into the middle taking the high ground. So solid running around, and the Jedi’s worked through. Most cases the Jedi’s had enough leverage to take out one side of the [5e] defense allowing a scout to sneak up to the next point allowing for near back to back captures before gearing up for a push to their base. This was pretty much the formula for winning outside of the couple good pushes that they made back on us, with scouts going around and getting our medics. In the end round one ended 8 – 0 and round two ended 7 – 0 giving DJedi the 2 – 0 win, per Cal rules. GG [5e].

5e Round 1 5e Cal rnd 2

25 Mar / 6:39 pm

TFL: LoB over DJedi 8 – 2

I must first apologize for the late update on this one. LoB does deserve their credit for this win, and hopefully I can get some screen shots to show the scores on their much deserved victory over DJedi on Badlands.


Badlands being one of the new Valve maps just has so many options and ways to attack it, and lets just say LoB pulled it off very well. They had great grouping scouts, that won the battle of the middle almost every time with the aid of their sniper. Their demomen then piped the spire in both defense and offense making it very hard to keep. And as most people know once you lose the middle, and the spire goes you can only really prepare for the next try. Lob took charge winning round one 4 – 2, and simply repeated the same thing in round two. The only real highlight on DJedi’s end was a several minute span were we held the last CP, it was rather impressive despite we did lose it, I guess I was just shocked as for how long we held it.



12 Mar / 2:30 pm

Feed Burner

I signed us up for feed burner in an attempt to get some metrics on the RSS feed. I also included a little subscribe button on the right hand side that uses Feed Burner and shows some basic usage stats. Hopefully the number will be larger than zero in the next 24 hours.

Please leave any feedback as comments, thanks.

29 Feb / 7:30 am

Slingshot on Conan

In entertainment news, not to be overshadowed by moop’s American Idol appearances, our very own Slingshot was seen on Late Night with Conan O’Brian rocking out on the ukulele.

24 Feb / 7:49 pm

[DJedi] number crunching

Ever wonder how much DJedi plays, and who is playing what. In doing some research to try and get to know the rosters we can post, and what we can pull off on what maps I have some interesting results that I can share for the readers amusement, and I made up some awards. First off lets look at some numbers and charts of what the DJedi’s are doing, and like to do. So here are some quick charts that I can explain.


Here we hav a listing on the right of the favorite classes that people play. keep in mind it is essentially inverted on the chart. Because if I like soldier I give it a 1, and if I hate spy I give it a 9, these totals were then applied and show in the chart. There really is a reason that engineer, pyro, sniper and correlate below to our least played classes, we have the least amount of time in it.

The second chart is a grouping of the hours, no big surprise being old school DJedi was full of soldiers that the hour mark for soldiers is in the thousands, doubling the next closest class. But there is an interesting spread laid out in the numbers that you can check out. And out of the active DJedi’s that I included in these stats, a grand total of 3532 hours, or in terms that make us feel like dorks, 137 days. Almost makes me happy I didn’t include everyone.

Now a couple awards to give out based on the stats.

The fuck that class award goes to Rental, for only having .9 hours of pyro, theSpawn and Infinite where really close with 1.7 (Pyro) and 1.9 (Engy) respectively.

The I have more hours than you award goes to Infinite with 386.4 hours, with Retro trailing close with 346.3.

The king of the class awards go to Tenny (146.6 soldier), Wilson (106.2 medic, 55.7 scout), Retro (118.1 demo 25.4 pyro), Infinite (89.2 Heavy) , Grog (51.6 Spy), theSpawn(122.2 sniper) Lunk (25.2 Engineer)

The winner of I only play these three classes goes to Wilson for having a combined, 247.1 hours in soldier/medic/scout and the remaining classes have only 30.8.

The don’t hurt me I’m a lightweight award goes to Hein for having only hours 9.2 hours of solider.

Good times, hopefully in the future I will get responses from everyone else, and get a master list of everyone in the clan, inactive and active, and make a bigger post about some numbers we have.

22 Feb / 12:30 pm

Moop Kicked off of American Idol!


There has been speculation that our very own Todd Casanova (Moop[DJedi]) has been moonlighting as an American Idol contestant under the alias ‘Colton Barry’. Known for his uncanny ability to manipulate his voice, Todd apparently made it to the top 24 before being kicked off last evening. Tough luck, pal.

01 Feb / 4:38 pm

Return of the Moop

I’ve been meaning to write this post for sometime now, and now is as good a time as any.  I start a new job on February 11th, which will put me back in the land of the living and also make me and active Jedi.  That right ladies and gentlemen I shall be returning to rock and roll with the boys.  I’m really excited and can’t wait to have stupid practices and win matches.  So look for me coming to a server and match near you.

15 Jan / 12:33 pm

Im Back!

Well, Im back finally. I just finished a whirlwind journey from California to New Hampshire to New York to Vermont to Massachusetts to Maine to New Hampshire to Oakland to San Fran and then to good old Humboldt. The highlight was during the NH primary at a Democratic rally seeing a good old boy with a sign that said “iron my shirt”. He busted that out when Hillary walked by. Pretty funny. Anyways, looking forward to playing fatass again. See you out there.

12 Jan / 12:51 pm

Thank You h0ly!

On the behalf of Digital Jedi I would like to extend a big thank you to h0ly for creating the new banner that graces the top of our site. We really appreciate the effort you put into creating the image and can’t thank you enough for livening up the site. Below are some comments from other members of the clan.

  • thanks h0ly <3
  • Holy,

    I love the theme and the look. Thank you very much for helping us look a
    little better =]


  • Awesome banner h0ly! Love the cartoony feel of it because it matches TF2!
  • Thanks man!, good stuffs! <3
  • I showed my girlfriend and made X-Wing noises to explain it. Nice.