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24 Dec / 9:30 am

CEVO Season 3

TF2 Season 3 Registration Open

CEVO LLC is pleased to announce the opening of registration for the next season of Team Fortress 2. Season 3 features $1,800 in guaranteed cash prizes for teams competing across the various skill divisions. CEVO is also excited to announce that with Season 3 comes the announcement of the CEVO-FREE Division.

The regular event membership fee for the Professional Division is $20 USD per player. However, any player who registers by 11:59 PM PT Sunday, December 14th will receive a discounted early bird rate of only $15 USD. Players may register for Season 3 without already being on a team. Registration for CEVO Team Fortress 2 Season 3 will open on Friday, December 4th at midnight and remain open until Thursday, January 1st at midnight.

The event will consist of two skill divisions, FREE (CEVO-FREE), and Professional (CEVO-P). The FREE Division (CEVO-FREE) is taking over where the Amateur Division left off, so it’s open to any team and FREE to all participants. It is divided into three conferences: Atlantic, Central, and Pacific. Teams will be participating for free entry into paid CEVO events. There will be one match per week in this division and the Match Deadline Day is Thursday of each week.

The Professional Division (CEVO-P) will consist of the most talented teams in North America. Any team interested in competing in the Professional Division will be accepted. The Professional Division has only one National Region. Teams will be competing for $1,500.00 in guaranteed cash! Professional teams will play two matches per week on Monday and Thursday nights.

For more information including rules and registration procedures visit the full news post HERE.

22 Sep / 10:00 am

Teamfortress.TV is Back!

Glad to see these guys back and covering the TF2 community once again. Glad they got some footage of DJedi, even though it was a clip of myself and infinite getting back capped on cp_well. We were also the proud acceptors of the historic, first “Steamroll of the week” award. It’s great to have more video coverage of competitive matches and I wish you the best of luck in keeping this thing going.

03 Mar / 10:00 am

MW|Reptile Soldier Video

Jh has created a stupendous soldier video which includes CEVO-P highlights and lots of air rockets delivered by Reptile. Most folks recognize Reptile from his 6v6 squad, Team Pandemic, but since we play 8v8 DJedi knows him from Mortal Wound.

You can download a higher quality version of the video from the Pandemic site.

04 Dec / 8:19 am

The Doctors Win CEVO TF2 Tournament

The results are in and The Doctors have won the $1000 CEVO Team Fortress 2 tournament and have won the grand prize of $500. Adrenaline Gamer finished 2nd in the tournament followed by The Experiment who rounds out 3rd place. Congrats to you all, this was an excellent tournament.

the doctors $500.00
Adrenaline Gamer $350.00
The Experiment $150.00

03 Dec / 2:58 pm

CEVO TF2 Final Matches Predictions has two predictions up on the final matches of the Free CEVO Team Fortress 2 tournament. It looks to be a show off between Adrenaline Gamer and The Doctors. Best of luck to both clans, can’t wait to watch the demos.

In the Grand Finals of CEVO’s TF2 $1,000 FREE Tournament, Michael “Gashuffer” Clark continues to give you the heads up on the final matches in this intense tournament. Can the doctors end this tournament in the dominant fashion everyone thought they would? Can 407 take down Experiment to prove Gashuffer wrong? I guess you’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

Teamfortress TV has also posted a video with their coverage and predictions of the match between aG and Doctors. This looks to be an exciting match and should be a joy to watch.

29 Nov / 2:51 pm

The Experiment vs. Doctors: Highlight Reels

Saw this go by in a thread on Catacombs, someone took the time to take Pangu’s demo and make a sniper highlite reel with it. I have mentioned Pangu before, but we used to play in Negative Influence, -i, together in Quake3 and he was always a tremendous player. There are some people talking smack about his Counter Strike skills on the forum, but he never was really serious about such a stupid game in the first place and still beat people around. Keep it up pangu!

Pangu – Sniper Highlights – The Experiment

View the video full screen here.

George – Demoman Highlights – Doctors

View the video full screen here.

29 Nov / 1:30 pm

Adrenaline Gamer beats down 4o7 DeathClan in CEVO semi-finals

4o7 Couldn’t even field players for the semi-finals. What the hell is up with that? I know there were lots of clans that got beat that could have at least gotten 6 players to show up at the same time and place.

Either way 4o7 got beat down, literally with scout bats, by aG. It’s pathetic for 4o7 to complain so much about not getting recognition or respect and then when it comes down to the final match of their CEVO existence they couldn’t give the people that are continuing to follow the tournament a decent game.

Oh well, aG got bored with this, and it shows in the TFTV coverage where one of the best soldiers in aG switched to scout and started batting people in the head. I’m sorry 4o7, but you owe it to yourselves and the rest of the participants in the tournament to show up for your games.

Without anymore rants, here’s the TFTV video covering this ridiculously crappy match. Hopefully aG vs. Doctors will be more exciting.

28 Nov / 2:53 pm

The Experiment: Backstabbed

For our 1st Playoff match in CEVO we played The Experiment and lost poorly. The only shining moment from the match came in the beginning warmup when we all went spy and disguised as our own team color. After taking screenshots everyone went invisible on cue and then stabbed The Experiment’s entire team. I think this made them angry because after this they beat us handily on Well.

27 Nov / 11:24 am

Interview with RentAKnight from Adrenaline Gamer [aG] has a great interview up with RentAKnight talking about the aG team and how they have progressed through the CEVO tournament. They discuss competative gameplay as well as their takedown of Comedy Option in the quarter finals of the tournament. Thanks to SolarEclipse for taking the time to talk with the community.

This is an interview with aG.Rent A Knight from clan Adrenaline Gamer. We cover topics such as TF2, competitive play, CEVO, Criticals, and what makes a team successful.

Adrenaline Gamer faces Doctors in the CEVO finals and should prove to be an excellent match. It turns out that they then turn around and play the same team in the TGL league. Good luck to you both.

25 Nov / 11:24 am

CEVO TF2 Doctors vs. The Experiment Semi-Final Coverage

First things first, I hope that everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and was able to visit family and friends and stuff themselves silly.

I am very thankful for TFTV and the amazing job Mike and Will are doing with coverage of the CEVO tournament. Their latest episode showcases two highly vaunted teams pitted against each other on Gravel Pit. This map is extremely difficult to defend and at the end of two rounds the score was 2-2. Pipher, a CEVO admin, then joined the server and said that overtime would be played via stopwatch, whoever caps fastest wins the match.

After The Experiment steam rolled us in Round 1 I’ve been pulling for them throughout the tournament. My old buddy from Quake3 Pangu is on the team and I’m sad to see that they got knocked out of the tournament by a very tough Doctors team.

Enjoy the video and if you like it, please send donations to the TFTV guys so they can keep up the good work and bring our community closer together.