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20 Aug / 10:00 am

Hein’s Epic Slingcon 2008 Journey

This weekend was SlingCon in Providence, RI. Courtesy of SlingShot[DJedi] and his brother Damon. Multiple members converged on Damon’s new house from across the country. Multiple states were represented including, North Carolina, Maryland, Washington DC, Vermont, New Hampshire, Ohio and our long distance warrior Hein all the way from Missouri. This is an account of his epic journey.

Well I drove to Rhode Island for SlingCon08 this past week and what a trip it was. I went to work Wednesday night at 6:30pm for my evaluation (went great, getting a raise) and started my trip at 5:00am. I got on the road at 5:13am cst and arrived in Columbus, Ohio at 4:24pm est. Thats 10hrs sports fans. That should not have been that long of a drive of course. I attempted to listen to Stephen King’s The Mist on the way up but it was too quiet, and right as i turned it off i went into a dense fog…..irony!!! So instead i listened to Stephen King’s The Langoliers all the way through. Great stuff. Around 38 miles out of Columbus there was a fender bender in a construction zone which stopped me for a solid 2 hours. How frustrating!

I got to Columbus and met up with my friend Patrick (theSpawn[DJedi] who I will affectionately call SmokeStack since he is basically a chain smoker). We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and i talked his cousin into doing the Blazing Challenge (eat 12 blazing wings in under 6 minutes with no drink/ranch/blue cheese/nothing!!). After that we went to a sports bar and they played a game called cornhole (not kidding, we call it baggo down here. where you toss beanbags at a slanted piece of wood with a hole cut in it). I was exhausted and was ready to pass out seeing as I had been up for around 30 hours and driving 10 of that.

I got to pass out around 10:30pm and we woke up at 3:30 and went and gassed up and got supplies where he works and were on the road at 4am est. We made a couple stops because he has the bladder of an 9 year old girl and also wanted smoke breaks. No problem. We drove through for a long time in pretty thick fog. Lots of “Fog Area” signs in the Appalachians. There were also a great deal of signs that said “Bridge may be Icy”, so every time i saw one i made sure to have a good handle on my wheel so i wouldn’t slide off.

Pennsylvania is beautiful. Nice open areas with great forests and mountains to drive through. We hit New Jersey without a problem and it was also a pretty nice drive. But once we went into New York City and saw the toll was $8.00 I knew there was going to be annoyances. Took us almost 3 hours to drive across the city itself. This is a rant I tried to suppress but i really cant. People in that area are horrible drivers. If they understood that tailgaiting the person in front of them is not helping them go any faster, then we might have went through a lot faster. Lets say there are 10 cars in a row. The first car sees something and taps on their brakes. Well the person behind them thats tailing has to slam on theirs so that they dont hit them. The first car keeps on going no problem, the second car also keeps on going. But that small action starts a ripple effect all the way back through hundreds of cars. To counter this, i left at least 1 car length in front of me. What happens? Cars in the other lane slam into my lane, most times without their turn signal and instantly slam on their brakes so they dont hit the person in front of them. Which causes me to have to slam on my breaks……and the system is further destroyed. The anger sharks were swimming in a frenzy at this point and i was getting pissed off. Another joy of this city is the “Office Space Scenario”. If anyone has seen the movie Office Space when he is driving through traffic, it is incredibly true. The left lane would be backed up and the right lane would be going, so i’d merge into it and it’d instantly stop and the left lane would go. I switched back and forth a time or two and this always happened. Love that!!! We’d get out of the bumper to bumper and start going 60mph and just suddenly stop back to bumper to bumper because of the earlier issues with stupid drivers.

Onwards and downards into Connectishit i guess. This is one of the smallest states in the continental united states. But you’d never know it by driving through it. We hit Ct at the apparent rush our, aka 1pm. Through the entire length of the state it was bumper to bumper……astounding. More and more people cutting me off and slamming on their brakes. I was already really tired of driving at this point and needed a break. After an hour or two of driving through that, we hit the Rhode Island border and it was all smooth driving. We arrived in Providence at 6:58pm est.

We got there and everyone was already setup and playing games. So i got some food and ate it while talking with the guys already there. After this was finished I setup my desktop. I also brought my laptop……but on the ride from Ohio we tried to play a song and all the sudden it just shut off and wouldnt turn back on. We couldnt get it to boot to windows vista at the Con either. We put in a ultimate boot cd and it wouldnt even recognize the hard drive. So that took out patrick’s gaming abilities for the time being. One of the other guys had a laptop so he got to play some on that. We played some Quake 3, Team Fortress 2, and enjoyed ourselves that entire day. A lot of people went to bed and only 3 or 4 of us stayed up to play some more TF2. We had great entertainment in one of the 40+year old players that was on the server. He kept saying the funniest things. One of them was “well i died, i guess its time for some more chips and salsa” haha. He’d also randomly say “Yep” in his nice country southern accent.

The next day we woke up around 10 and started playing again. We got Quake 1 Team fortress running finally after they copied my directory. After all the preparation we did to play this one classic game that we all started out playing….we only played for a good 30 minutes. Two of the guys ended up dueling for a while, but everyone else went on to TF2 some more. One of the guys had a hookah and some smoked the flavored tobacco. It was interesting cause they also brought stuff to blow bubbles. So there were some pretty big smoke bubbles. We sat around and talked about TF2 and how to make the clan run better for a while. Some guys went for a walk and me and 2 others went downstairs and played Lumines on a ps2. I sat in a daze just watching cause i had never played it. Then the host came down and said “Hey i got the new Blue Man Group DVD if you want to watch it.” It was pretty awesome!!! We all went to bed around 4am (bad idea) after it was over.

I woke up the next morning around 9am. I woke everyone else up for our group photo and we headed out at 9:45am. This time we took a new route north of NYC to avoid it. It went very well. The only traffic was when we were on a bridge and a guy broke down 3/4’s of the way across. I said “If it was me, i’d put it in neutral and push it off the bridge”. Patrick laughed and said “yea i’d do that too.” Turns out he thought i meant push it into the water. hahahaha. This trip went a lot faster and we ended up getting back at 9:35pm. I was eeeexhausted. With such little sleep and so long of a drive, i was wiped. So i went to sleep pretty fast.

The drive home went smooth. No traffic to stop me. Indiana had about a billion cops with people pulled over. From St. Louis all the way to Providence the speed limit was a maximum of 65!!!! Silly. I left at 9:31est and got home around 5:50cst. On this drive i listened to The Poseidon Adventure (REAL screwed up story) and about 95% of Stephen King’s Dollan’s Cadillac.
This portion of the note will involve Patrick’s sleeping habits :) . I was going to fly to Rhode Island, but he mentioned that if he didnt have a ride he couldnt go. So i said ok lets split gas and we can go. We got there and after a couple hrs he went to sleep. So he was awake from 2:40pm to around 10pm and went to sleep. The next morning he woke up at 7ish and went back to sleep around 10am and slept all day until 10pm that night. he was up a few hours and then promptly went back to sleep until 7am. So he was awake a grand total of maybe 14 hours, whereas the drive alone was 24hrs total for him. Now my clothes smell like smoke as well as my car. But at least he is a good guy to ride in a car with for an extended amount of time. :) I taught him how to use the iphone early on and he knew how to do everything shortly after. Nice work broham.

Drive Time (tracked in notes on the iphone):
Springfield to Ohio: 5:13am – 3:24pm – 10hrs 11mins
Ohio to Rhode island: 4am – 5:58pm = 13hrs 58mins
Rhode Island to Ohio: 9:45am – 9:35pm = 11hrs 50mins
Ohio to Springfield: 9:31am – 5:50pm = 8hrs 21mins
Total: 44hrs 21mins

Time at the Con:
friday: 6pm-3:30am = 9hrs
saturday: 10am – 4am = 18hrs
sunday: 9am-9:45am = 45mins
Total: 27hrs 45mins

I’m flying next time.

12 Jul / 10:00 am

TF2 Wallpapers

Occasionally my saved RSS feed searches find some pretty cool collections of TF2 Wallpapers. Unfortunately a lot of the links are found on 4chan and have scrolled off of the board by the time I see the article and go check them out. I’ve managed to snag a set of pretty cool TF2 Backgrounds and have decided to include a slide show from my Picasa Album. My favorite is the Pyro Pyre, folks at work give me some strange looks when they see two monitors full of burning bodies.

I have also included this same slide show on our dedicated TF2 Wallpaper page, Enjoy!

26 Jun / 10:30 am

Most Lethal Classes: QWTF vs TF2

The following post stems from a series of e-mails to our internal mailing list. The discussion, started by hein, was so interesting and nostalgic from all the old members coming out of the woodwork, I had to share. I will break the posts up by sender and try to keep them in chronological order. Please keep in mind, we are discussing lethality and not importance to the team. Otherwise the medic would be the hands down winner for TF2.

Please submit your opinions, I’ll be sure to publish all the comments.

Lets do this on an overall basis.
1st.Soldier – shotgun/double shotgun/rocket launcher/grenade/nail grenade
Reason: Combos – A combo would kill almost any class with a finisher of a single shotgun. Juggling was epic. Could hold down entire rooms by yourself if you had height advantage (val/2f5 rr, ss/cp6, combo on 32s). Locked down.

2nd.Medic – shotgun/double shotgun/super nailgun/gren/conc
Reason: All around – If you ever faced a solid medic you learned to run away unless you were a top soldier. He can get anywhere to any height with a conc jump, heals himself, conc effect is short so dbl’s dont take long. And in a battle he can juggle you around with his super nailgun and instantly switch to dbl barrel if you get to close to finish you off. Check out demos of a guy named ChaosLord, dunno if you’ve heard about him.
Honorable mention.Demoman (piping up hallways and contacting anyone around with great D strength) and Sniper (in the hands of snipers like newby and Chaosfiend, your enemy will duck into the water as fast as possible).

1st.Demoman – contacts/stickies/moonshine bottle of justice
Reason: Perimeter Creator – If you need a door locked down, they will not get through it without blowing an uber. Facing demos like grog/stingray/george will make you back up and make you question if you really want to wait to spawn for 20 seconds if you fail at killing them. Hiding stickies is a stealth hold of a door, showing is a deterrent to make them waste ammo and show their cards. His moonshine bottle of justice keeps him surly and mean (true to his irish roots)

2nd.Soldier – shotgun/rocket/shovel
Reason: Rocket splash – He’s no where near as lethal as he was in QWTF, but still with his rockets as they are he does a good deal of damage. No one but the demo has the directed fire and standalone independence to own on his own.
Honorable mention.Scout (you’re only going to kill him if he gets close enough to let you. Watch your medics/demomen/snipers like they are gold or soon they will be dead in short order) and Hwguy (he can move and spin and spray death. If he is quick he can 180 fast enough to kill a spy as the animation is moving up to stab him down. Can also pretty easily go 45-0 on Dustbowl *wink*)


I agree with the QWTF ones but the scout is pretty frigging vicious in TF2… or atleast he was the last time I played.

I think snipers were more powerful then soldiers personally. For example, [CP] ChaosFiend won games on 2fort5r almost single handledly. I know this because when I clan hopped up until DJedi I witnessed it numerous times.

Well6 is another example of wtf I hate myself.

HAH its funny cause what i had at the top of the post was “Lets not make our choices by one player dominating one map with a class” and then had cf on 2f5, newby on well6. hehe

I never minded getting owned in the face by CF bullets because I knew he had walls. When newby killed me though I was always like hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… I would feel the same way when I would walk around a wall and get gren/rock’d in the mouth by sinister, then have him call me a fag (for having walls?).

yeah i dont think this comparison can be made because there were always maps/players/classes that dominated. and the wallhacking in qwtf was awful too

so here’s my opinion

tf2: scout, demoman, medic
qwtf: sniper, soldier, demoman


I won’t comment on TF2 but here’s my list for qwtf:

Soldier – A good soldier could take on any class 1on1 in close to
mid-range fights and a great one could take on multiple foes and still
come out on top. The only class that is troublesome are snipers from
afar. And we all know that grenades could make a decent soldier good
but we all know the best, like Val/Sling could dominate without them.
With a lot of armor, a lot of firepower, and probably the most
complete set of weapons the soldier had everything it needed to handle
just about any situation.

Sniper – Likewise snipers could dominate anything from ranged but a
good sniper could also handle themselves 1on1 in close range if they
were quick to react. No other class has the power to pin down an
enemy’s offense (or defense on some maps) like the sniper.

Medic – I’m going to agree with Toby on this one. CL was an obvious
example on 32smooth (quad whore) but they also played key defensive
roles on maps like well6 where they could hold down the water pipe
almost by themselves. Medics were also great support classes on
offense being able to heal teammates while making offensive pushes. I
would say the medic is somewhat of a hybrid between the quickness of a
scout with the burst firepower of a soldier in close range (grenade
and super nailgun/dbl shotgun).

Honorable Mention:
Demoman – Generally a defensive class and often the last line of
defense. A great demoman could hold off multiple enemies with the
variety of grenades and could create havoc with grenade spam on
offense (with risk to both friend and foe). I think spam was invented
with the creation of the demoman.

Yeah it’s true, the problem with evaluating these classes is that if you took the best at each you probably would find someone able to dominate for a long long period of time.

but i think sniper has to win overall for qwtf because they were in shortest supply. plus a dominant sniper was more likely to be an excellent soldier than a dominant soldier was to be an excellent sniper.

I think sniper would have to be #1…was always a re-assuring feeling
when you didn’t have to worry about getting sniped because you knew
the other teams sniper had no chance.

Sniper was definitely a dominant class in qwtf, no doubt about it, one of the worst matches [WM] ever played was [GT] on canalzon when they posted 4 .K snipers on our base.

On the other hand, [WM] rarely if ever had dominant snipers and we still managed some big wins against clans like GT, M, IC etc. who did

TF2 is more balanced than qwtf was, so its even harder for any one player to make a huge difference. Your whole team has to perform.

I remember when UVM played OSKI and they ran 4 snipers on 2fort4, final score was like 9-1 the one coming from when we sent 9 guys (it was a 10 on 10) water ;)


All great response here. But let me please weigh in on this subject.

If we are talking about which class dominated which map, I am going to have to give this one to……the dogs from 2fort5. Those bastards would give you a disease man, a fucking disease. Think about it.

My Ranks
1a. Sniper
1b. Solder
2a. Medic
2b. Demoman
3. Engineer
4a. Spy
4b. Scout
12a. Hwguy
12c. Pyro

Spy and Scout were weaker at fragging, but totally vital to playing the game on alot of maps. Sniper was awesome on any map with space. Name one other class that has had 200 frags on one map. One thing I hated near the end of TF was the heavy use of soldier because of BH. A lot of classes became less and less useful aka medic.

yeah once the bunnyhop started it became really a 5 class game – scout/sniper/soldier/engineer/demoman

spy had already become less effective because there was a legalized program you could run to show the bodies of feigning spies but remove all other dead bodies. i always hated that – it made spy so much less important. i LOVE the tf2 spy.

medics were still impt, but after the bunnyhop became situational – well6 water defense, quad camping 32smooth offense, talk about a change in tf2!!

hwguy was always situational in qwtf, but i love the tf2 hwguy’s effectiveness

pyro threatened to be effective during their prior updates, the class they left us with on their final update was weakened beyond usability.

you asses are making me miss TF. it’s not fair because it’ll never come back, it’s gone…

Havent you heard? It is back. Its called TF2.

Reading about all this “reasoning” behind which tf class was the most dangerous, or useful, or unbalanced makes me want to reiterate an opinion about qwtf that I’ve held for a very long time, which is that the awesomeness of the game was almost entirely ACCIDENTAL.

Flawed game design: half the classes were actually useless or so much less effective than others that to play them was pointless. The other half all changed drastically from their original form through gameplay evolution and “exploiting” aspects of the game that could not possibly have been planned.

Rocket jumping is the classic example, then you add grenade jumping, scout trimping, conc jumping, dispenser detting, the obviously overpowered sniper gave way to maps where offensive sniping was a key strategy, even wall sliding meant you could suddenly fall great heights without making noise or taking damage.

To make the success of the game even more improbable, all of these so-called exploits took skill to cultivate and master. Think how unlikely it is for all of these things to be UNINTENDED and NOT OVERPOWERED. There was a learning curve and innovation did not mean a newbie was suddenly flying and fragging with ease all over the place.

Of course, you know where this is going. Bunny hopping ruined the game because it tipped the skill to power scale. A trimping scout is harder to hit and accesses places he shouldn’t normally be able to get, but you forgive him because you know how hard it is to pull those moves off and it doesn’t give him a totally unreasonable advantage. Bunny hopping was too easy to learn and too powerful to be tolerated by players who had spent years developing multiple skills that were now trumped by a single one.


I’ll agree with you Sling. The game definitely went beyond the
boundaries of what the original creators probably had in mind. At the
same time the community kind of adopted a rule set of what was
acceptable and what wasn’t. Sadly bunnyhopping was something that
destroyed the delicate balance and really reduced the game’s playable
classes to soldiers and snipers (with 1 demoman and 1 engineer on

Unfortunately the ruleset was that anything that isnt a blatant hack is acceptable. I remember that WM decided as a clan bunnyhopping was unacceptable so we didnt do it, which resulted in us losing matches on maps like h4rdcor3 to clans with BH scripts and ultimately deciding to retire.

Difference between bunnyhopping and the other exploits, in my mind, is that is destroys the class balance completely. One of the few handicaps of the soldier class (speed) was completely removed. Why play scout when you can move that fast and have a rocket launcher and twice the health?

yeah – tf2 eliminates the bh and grens, which i actually like. it makes the balance great.

one of the rules that the community had adopted was no fighting outside, or chasing as everyone loved to complain about. whenever i saw a bunnyhopper i conc’d or shot at them. even as a scout it irked people enough to chase after me and mm1 me. still, come the fuck on, you’re GOING FASTER THAN I AM WITH A ROCKET LAUNCHER, of course i’m gonna do something about it. haha.

1. Sniper, If you Don’t have one, your team loses
2. Soldier, can hold down the ramp room single handed on D. Soldier, can pull out caps on O with limited support.
3. Medic, Powerful repeating weapon combined with grenades and concs and the ability to heal teammates, made a lethal class.
4. Demo Man, Not as good against all classes, but required for any solid defense in CTF

1. Soldier, the best all around destructor. Can kill all other classes equally well
2. HWGuy, no other class causes someone to turn and run as fast as they can
3. Sniper, While not as powerful as the sniper of old, a good one can make an entire team tentative about leaving the base
4. Spy, No one strikes paranoia into a team as much as an effective spy. The psychological warfare is an added bonus when a truly skilled player sits at the controls

21 May / 4:20 pm

Drink Ninjas

31 Mar / 7:00 am

Garry’s moop and TF2

Just some minor fun as I try and figure out Garry’s Mod, perhaps I can end up creating something worthwhile in the future. Til then, I present to you DeadJedi.

Dead Jedi
25 Mar / 12:15 am

Can I Axe You A Question?

Wilson and Lunk had some fun on a pub last night going all axe. Our friends Fragment from REV6 and Crunch from All* were the fortunate victims of the fall of my axe. Wilson came through on the other team slaying someone himself. Apparently melee attacks are contagious and by the time we left half the team was running around with their respective close range weapons out.

12 Mar / 10:00 am

TF2 Basketball Slam Dunk!

Heineken sent me screenshots of a slam dunk that was made during a game of ctf_bball. I’m not sure who is in the basket, but I’m sure Vince Carter is calling shennaigans, he was the first to hang from the basket after a dunk.

11 Mar / 12:00 pm

Team Fortress 2 Ink Sketches

Found another site with some fan art for TF2. He wasn’t big on his description, but his work speaks for itself. I hope he finishes the other classes and posts them as well. Keep up the good work Garrett.



Long Post is Looooooooong.

05 Mar / 2:00 pm

VG Cats TF2 Pyro Comic

A coworker, Sir Shannon, found a sweet Team Fortress 2 comic on VG Cats and knowing how much I absolutely love the game, he forwarded it on to me.

28 Feb / 10:30 am

Fake Or Not?

One thing we can all agree on, this image rocks. What we’re trying to figure out is if these are real or fake. My vote is for real, what do you think?