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28 Jan / 11:02 am

Lets quadruple our money on the iPhone!

06 Jan / 2:22 pm

Hardcore Gaming

Hardcore Gaming

Hardcore Gaming

22 Dec / 8:11 am

Pyro Hadouken

Thanks to Jirloen for burning the midnight oil and sending me this comic.

11 Dec / 10:15 am

Casual Fridays

Happy Friday

27 Jan / 12:00 pm

Airblast Air Axe

Captured during a Goldrush Match vs Dance brigade, this is a sweet axe on PlatinumShadow. <3 Platinum.

30 Dec / 6:30 pm


Thanks to Tickenest for finding the following image. I was spectating a match between DJedi and Marauder about a decade ago while Zaifear[DJedi] was ripping it up as sniper. Tickenest snapped the following screenshot while making some YouTube videos of some old QWTF matches. Oh QWTF, the glorious memories, I will never forget.

19 Nov / 4:20 pm

Scorpion Escalator: Flawless Victory

17 Nov / 9:33 am

Quality Control

31 Oct / 8:46 pm

Happy Halloween from the members of Digital Jedi


01 Sep / 12:30 pm

Conception Fail

I drive past this building on the way to my girlfriend’s house all the time. Yesterday I remembered to bring a digital camera and finally was able to snap a photo of the building and sign on the way back from The Dark Knight. Happy Labor Day

Conception Fail