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27 Jan / 12:00 pm

Airblast Air Axe

Captured during a Goldrush Match vs Dance brigade, this is a sweet axe on PlatinumShadow. <3 Platinum.

04 Dec / 2:30 pm

Mario Kart In Real Life

19 Nov / 7:00 pm

Panfrie Pyro and Scout Video

Here’s a video put together by Panfrie of him playing some a few classes. I talked to him briefly over steam about the crazy pyro jump on the third point of gold rush and this is what he said.

lunk[DJedi]: yo man
PanFrie: sup
lunk[DJedi]: just saw your scout/pyro video for the first time
lunk[DJedi]: really enjoyed the jump on the last point of goldrush
lunk[DJedi]: did you learn that from scouting?
PanFrie: nope
PanFrie: just saw it and tried to
PanFrie: tried it*
PanFrie: and got lucky :-p
lunk[DJedi]: haha
lunk[DJedi]: that’s awesome

I will have to practice that move whenever the cart is in position. To see what I’m talking about watch below around 40 seconds. Is seems as if defense can use the cart to their advantage as well.Enjoy.

18 Nov / 11:00 am

Left4Dead Released On Steam

As of midnight EST, the PC version of Left 4 Dead, Valve’s zombie thriller, is now available via Steam to gamers around the globe. The title will be available for the PC and Xbox 360 at retail stores on Tuesday, November 18 in North America, and worldwide on Friday, November 21.

23 Oct / 12:00 pm

Real Life Space Invaders

A group of like minded people use an empty auditorium to animate space invaders. Check out this pretty sweet video.

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23 Jun / 4:20 pm

Quake 3 Simpsons Map

This has nothing to do with TF2. So here’s a recreation of The Simpsons in Quake3.

28 Jan / 2:45 pm

Antec 900 Review

I have been keeping track of some overclocking adventures on personal blog and just wanted to share some of the results that I was able to get with the addition of the Antec 900 gaming case.


Over the weekend I rebuilt my computer into the Antec 900 case. The parts arrived on Tuesday but with work and TF2 matches I couldn’t risk being down during the middle of the week. This case is a definite improvement in cooling over the Sonata III that I originally purchased for my system.

When I initially was putting this system together I didn’t expect to do any overclocking. The hardware was already pretty fast and would play any games out now and rocked my primary concern of Team Fortress 2 without breaking a sweat. Then I tried overclocking just to see what performance gain I could achieve and was pleasantly surprised that I could take the processor to 3.6GHZ on stock cooling.

Sorry for the cross post, but copy & paste is too easy and I really think other gamers can benefit from this case.

25 Jan / 4:18 pm

Star Wars: Force Unleashed

A friend of mine sent me a really sweet trailer for the upcoming Star Wars game where you start as an apprentice to a dark lord and learn the powers of the dark side. See what it took to bring this game from a concept and a collection of technologies into a single cohesive game. Some of the in game shots are simply incredible, check it out for yourself.

01 Jan / 10:35 pm

Useless Gaming Accessories

Tendril pointed me to this article, which contains the most useless set of stupid addons for a gaming system ever. The brand new Wiimote weapon kit takes uselessness to dangerous new levels. With people already throwing their wiimotes through their televisions through overzealous use, it’s only a matter of time before somebody loses an eye. ….Or is that when the fun starts?

It’s tough to beat this latest bundle from the folks at Dragon Electronics, which offers no less than eight ways to accessorize your Wiimote and nunchuck. That includes a pair of daggers, an axe, and a pistol to name a few

19 Dec / 2:12 pm

Duke Nukem Forever Trailer

Holy crap, after 6 years with no sign of graduating from vaporware, shacknews had a post discussing the newly released Duke Nukem Forever Trailer. I waited over 10 years for TF2 and it finally came out, so this is a glimmer of hope for all the fans of the Duke 3d series. Enjoy.