07 Jul / 1:30 pm

Wanted: Canalzone, $100 Bounty

Canalzone was a favorite map by lots of old school Quake World Teamfortress Players. Digital Jedi has decided to post a bounty for all map designer to recreate this masterpiece in the world of Team Fortress 2. If you have any questions on the requirements for claiming the bounty, please e-mail lunk, or stop by #digital on irc.gamesurge.net.


16 Responses to “Wanted: Canalzone, $100 Bounty”

  1. Vilepickle Says:

    That’s cute ^_^

  2. lunk Says:

    Just the man who can make this happen. Are you here to claim the bounty pickle?

  3. Vilepickle Says:

    I stopped mapping for this game, for various reasons that still haven’t really changed.

    Plus, popular maps almost have to be either A/D or PL for the “general crowd” to be won over. Since I hate that game mode, it’s not worth doing.

    Then when you look at the “competitive” crowd, you get to make one map type: 5 point CP. CAL/CEVO both ditched my maps for preseason/during season for official maps (well, FastLane… which is… eh).

    QWTF CZ is unique, but it would be vastly complex and probably will only be played by you guys, sadly. It almost certainly would not be pubbed, and I couldn’t ever see it being picked up by leagues with the way they are now. Maybe STA, but I donno.

  4. hein Says:

    I know how badly people hate learning new maps. CZ is one of those maps you really have to focus on to understand. It’d be a great fun night map for those of us old schoolers who know whats up. But it’ll be weird and awkward because of the whole medic thing. It used to be 5 soldiers, 2 scouts and maybe a demo running this map bc there was no room for slow hw or medics or eng. I’d rather see Spazball than anything else. It wouldnt be that hard to implement and you could do interesting things with the design. I dont know how we’d get the ability to jump up to the top though….

  5. Vilepickle Says:

    I just ran through Steel for the first time… and I’m thinking about changing my mind. If a map as wildly complex and confusing as that can be popular, then I can see Canalzone doing well maybe.

    ^ That guy is about to release his TFC CZ though, so it still seems a bit crappy to be making a map so similar. Hrm.

  6. Akira Says:

    Then make Spazball Vile!!!

  7. Vilepickle Says:

    PS. You should specify NOT the TFC “cz2″ because I’ve seen fricken like 3 ports of that terrible map already.

    But uhhh… I kinda dusted off my old canalzone port I had started on… maybe I’ll get a really crappy looking alpha out eventually and we can all have a good ol time.

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  9. Vilepickle Says:

    dom_canalzone is underway. I’m sure it’s going to take ages, but at least it’ll be done sometime. My motivation for this map is lower than my others since the stupid TFC version has been /is being created about 3 times now.

  10. lunk Says:

    What motivates you? I know ninjas in every state that can secretly acquire your every desire.

  11. Vilepickle Says:

    I donno, I map for myself usually, to see a map I rly like made. And then secondarily I map because I think a large number of people will garner enjoyment out of the map. Both of those things are pretty low with CZ :(

    Probably ’cause I never got to play it much in ETF. I never got to see the QWTF times on the map either.

  12. Spotpuff Says:

    I remember I used to call this map “Analzone” because I hated it so. Not that it was bad, but running this game on a pub was just impossible.

    In clan matches though it was unbelievable amounts of fun. Too bad the shortcuts are no longer present in TF2 (Maybe there could be rocket/pipe breakable walls? a la the barrels in dustbowl that break in the 2-2 grate room?).

    Every time I walk into East Side Mario’s and they have a sign that says “Canal Street” I laugh a bit.

  13. holy moly Says:

    I had forgotten this map. I was looking up info on Spazball and found this. Good Times. man qwtf had so many more good maps than tf2.

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  16. me Says:

    Loving the map, its great. Thought I should ask who made the original for qwtf?