07 Jan / 7:50 pm

Viewing Older Demos

Redrum from, owner and operator of Redrum Demos, messaged me this evening with some very nice words. We got to talking and he mentioned that he would love for more people to upload demos to his site, but one of the major technical hurdles he faces was that users who come to the site don’t have the ability to view old demos, from previous steam version of TF2.

19:10:27 RedRum-> hey thx a lot for adding my site to your link section, appreciate that
19:10:53 lunk[DJedi]> which site is that?
19:10:56 lunk[DJedi]> i recognize the name
19:11:14 lunk[DJedi]> der
19:11:16 lunk[DJedi]> redrum demos
19:11:17 lunk[DJedi]> haha
19:12:14 RedRum-> yeah lol
19:12:37 lunk[DJedi]> no problem man
19:12:45 lunk[DJedi]> i like doing what little i can :)
19:13:12 lunk[DJedi]> you must be using some crazy bandwidth
19:13:33 RedRum-> lol kinda
19:14:03 RedRum-> i wish people would upload more, but the last update not todays but the one before screwed up the demos, u can’t watch the older demos
19:14:17 RedRum-> i want to host avis very soon
19:14:52 RedRum-> i’m going to add a link section soon i’ll add your site, i really like your site it’s nice
19:15:35 lunk[DJedi]> thanks man

After this conversation I realized that Robin Walker had answered other questions from the community, so I figured what the hell and fired off an e-mail. Hopefully we’ll get a response soon.

Hello Robin,

With all the latest bugs and fixes that have been made lately to TF2
and the speed of your software development release cycle, certain
issues have inadvertently been created. Currently it is impossible to
view demos that were created under an older version of the code.

Is there a way that I’m not aware of that will allow me to view these
older demos?
If not, will Valve consider creating a tool or allowing newer versions
of the engine to view older demos?

Thank you for your time,


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