05 Mar / 2:00 pm

VG Cats TF2 Pyro Comic

A coworker, Sir Shannon, found a sweet Team Fortress 2 comic on VG Cats and knowing how much I absolutely love the game, he forwarded it on to me.


7 Responses to “VG Cats TF2 Pyro Comic”

  1. sirshannon Says:

    you gonna splain it to me or what?

  2. lunk Says:

    The Pyro was mumbling so the medic didn’t hear him. The Pyro was then angry and when the medic came back, it was a spy disguised as red-medic who stabs him in the head.

  3. heineken Says:

    i think its moreso screaming the misfortunes of playing on a public server with stupid medics that dont know their job.

    this is awesome!!!!

  4. Guy Says:

    It’s making fun of the fact that you can’t understand the pyro’s talking because the mask muffles his voice.

  5. Eldgrim Says:

    great i love it <3

  6. Lyraxis Says:

    Cool comic! I realy like it :D

  7. alex Says:

    freaking hilarious!!!! totally loled at pyro’s expression in the end.