01 Jan / 8:19 pm

Valve Releases Team Fortress 2 Update

Another Team Fortress 2 update has been released by valve.

The two most important changes relate to exploits in the game.
Black Spy exploit fixed
Sniper quick-switch exploit fixed

The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

  • Fixed “CUtlLinkedList overflow!” crash
  • Added player position data to server logging of events (player_death, player_builtobject, teamplay_flag_event, object_destroyed, teamplay_point_captured, teamplay_capture_blocked)
  • Improved mapcycle handling to ensure it always loads new mapcycles when the mapcyclefile convar is changed
  • Fixed sniper quick-switch exploit allowing them to avoid zoom/unzoom times
  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to spawn into the enemy territory at the start of a round
  • Fixed syringegun projectiles sometimes pushing players high up into the air, allowing them to reach bad map locations
  • Removed an obscure rendering setting that would allow players to make cloaked spies appear fully black

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