01 May / 2:00 pm

The Escapist on Team ROOMBA’s TF2 Griefing

The Escapist posted an article about the guys behind the very popular TF2 Griefing Videos floating around the internet. Through a series of e-mail correspondence, Kieron Gillen was able to compose an article that shows the production and human aspects of changing
multiplayer experiences during online play. It’s good to see that these guys do have some morals while they record hours upon hours of demos required to create their performance comedy.

Educated adults are far from a bunch of kids; it’s clear they’ve at least thought about the issues. They argue the griefs are short lived, and the players are in control of whether they play or not. “I recognize that I’m ruining someone’s fun, albeit temporarily, but jerks in an online videogame are just part of the package – ‘Game Experience May Change During Online Play.’ I’d like to think that everyone recognizes this by now, and I don’t feel particularly bad about it,” says Ryan.



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