12 Jan / 12:51 pm

Thank You h0ly!

On the behalf of Digital Jedi I would like to extend a big thank you to h0ly for creating the new banner that graces the top of our site. We really appreciate the effort you put into creating the image and can’t thank you enough for livening up the site. Below are some comments from other members of the clan.

  • thanks h0ly <3
  • Holy,

    I love the theme and the look. Thank you very much for helping us look a
    little better =]


  • Awesome banner h0ly! Love the cartoony feel of it because it matches TF2!
  • Thanks man!, good stuffs! <3
  • I showed my girlfriend and made X-Wing noises to explain it. Nice.

One Response to “Thank You h0ly!”

  1. whisp Says:

    not too shabby at all