14 May / 12:30 pm

TFL: RES over DJedi in Overtime Epic

After defeating Resurrection in STA Play on Desert fortress, we faced off against them again for TFL. TF League has gotten super lazy to the point where they don’t even pick the maps for each week anymore, so it was decided between the clans to face off on cp_labor and cp_granary.

Round 1

Thirty minutes into an extended wait for RES to get enough people, Round 1 kicked off on cp_labor, a DJedi favorite, and we got down to business. Not practicing the map as we should have |RES| caught us completely off guard and dominated the map in almost every way. By the time we got to the middle, there were already pipes lining the barn doorway which delayed our entry into the middle. That delay was all RES needed to claim control of the higher ground and capture the middle point. Typically DJedi has been able to push teams back on cp_labor, but not RES, not on this night. Our only shining moment came when during one push, grog was able to take out four members of RES with a single pipe trap and we pushed all the way to their base for our only capture of the round.
Round 1: RES 4 – DJedi 1

Round 2

After a quick break and some lineup changes, bringing in Tendril and new recruit Hangman to scout it up, we got started on cp_granary. The gates that were introduced in the last update of cp_granary really help the flow of the game and make the battle for the middle much more fair and much more intense. DJedi fought hard and was able to dominate the map for most of the round. We were cruising to a victory and were up 3-0 for the round and tied overall. Then theSpawn[DJedi], hater of kittens and french kisses, jinxed us by saying, “This is the winning round guys”. Needless to say, we didn’t win that round and gave up a capture to go down one capture overall and the round score was 3-1. We needed to work fast if we had any chance to win the match and we put our noses down and capped fast to bring the score to 4-1. We had a shot at getting one more capture, but the timelimit kicked in and the round ended.
Round 2: DJedi 4 – RES 1
Blame: theSpawn

After an epic comeback in round 2 to tie up the game we ventured into overtime territory. The leaders of the clan consulted with their respective teams and it was decided that the overtime map would be cp_well. DJedi had practiced Well even less than Labor and after losing the middle in the opening seconds of the OT round we were never able to regain control. RES was very efficient at pushing us back into our base and eventually captured on us.
OT: RES 1 – DJedi 0

The emotional roller coaster of this match, from the empty feeling at the end of round 1 to the highs of our offense clicking during round 2, left everyone drained. While a W would have been the sweetest icing on the cake, our mistakes Round 1 proved to be too much to overcome. Amazing game |RES|, this will be a match to remember.
Final: RES over DJedi 6-5(OT)

Res also has a writeup of their own, but I think their math is a bit off.

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