18 Apr / 3:15 pm

TFL: oooRGLE over DJedi on cp_gravelpit

Last night DJedi faced off against oooRGLE gaming for TFL. We were originally scheduled to play rock (death by gas chamber anyone?), but agreed to switch maps to gravelpit. Round 1 started off with DJedi on offense and heineken pulling off a double backstab on oooRGLE’s demoman and sniper. DJedi moved into A for the capture, sending a squad to start the attack on B. Some clever spying from oooRGLE put us down a medic during our initial push, giving them the uber advantage. Despite a number of close calls, oooRGLE was able to stop DJedi from capping B. We switched sides, with DJedi on defense and managed to hold oooRGLE at B for a while before getting overwhelmed by their dual demoman assault and the formidable sniping talents of remics. Having the uber advantage, oooRGLE capped C swiftly after.

Thanks in part to Slingshot’s sniping, DJedi’s round 2 defense went slightly better than round 1. However, down our starting demomen due to real life obligations, oooRGLE eventually managed to overwhelm our defenses and capture B, with C soon falling soon after. Our offense this round stepped it up to cap out all three CPs, ending the round with w a 6-4 win for oooRGLE.

After the match, we had an excellent 10v10 pickup game on 32smooth, kicking things off by crashing every single person in the game’s TF2 as well as the server. After this initial glitch, we had an awesome game and I was surprised at how well the map held up with that many people, just goes to show that you don’t have to play TF2 6v6 or 8v8. It was very reminiscent of the quakeworld team fortress games we all enjoyed over a decade ago. The game included aliases borrowed from some old school qwtf personalities such as SPEEDinator (creator of the original speedstats), PHAT DRAGON and Cryojenix. Shoutouts to the following qwtf clans that have made it to TF2 and had members playing last night: NULL, Rev6 and Aftermath. Thanks for coming out, we should make this a regular occurance.

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