01 Feb / 11:00 am

TFL: DJedi over The Pact 23-0

Slingshot is a Beast

Last night for TFL we met with The Pact for two, 30 minute rounds on cp_granary. For the 1st round we started out on Pact’s server and we started out with a pretty heavy lineup running no scouts. Pact beat us to the middle with 3 scouts and were attempting to capture the middle when we rolled in from all angles and proceeded to frag our way to oppressive dominance for the remainder of the match. This is most clearly shown in this screenshot from Slingshot[DJedi]>P in which he is dominating all 8 players on Pact at the same time.
DJedi over Pact 11-0

The 2nd round we started out all scout in an attempt to complete Operation X16(tm), but once again, Retro ruined it. This time he was changing video settings when we ready’d up to begin the match and we didn’t realize it, but still, his fault. Scout rush proved to be extremely effective and we went high, low, left, right to throw Pact off and avoid their countering Pyro rushes. The 2nd half diminished from a serious match to an all out fun filled party with both clans throwing the strats to the wind and running around having a good time.
DJedi over Pact 12-0


I’m very impressed with these guys, they took a pretty brutal beating, but stayed throughout the entire match, played with honor and never gave up. These chracteristics reminded me of the old days and, after a little research, possibly the most surprising thing was that The Pact is a Quakeworld Teamfortress clan. I don’t know how I don’t remember these guys, but I’m very glad to see some of the original TF players sticking around and coming back to play TF2. Look forward to facing off with you in future competitions.

Final Score: 11-0,12-0, DJedi over The Pact 23-0

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