29 Feb / 3:00 pm

TFL: DJedi over TF2F on CTF_WELL

Round 1

Last night we faced off against the Team Fortress 2 Fort competitive clan on ctf_well and we both played fairly conservatively for the first round. Both teams had trouble moving through the map and into enemy territory and once there had trouble hanging onto ubers due to the multitude of scouts on both teams wreaking havoc. Slingshot and Heineken formed a roaming buzzsaw and cut down everything in sight with their scatter guns. Moop and Lunk were soldiers and grouped up with theSpawn as medic and made up the rest of the offense. The first round there were so many confrontations of the opposing offense that neither team was able to pull much together. The battles in the middle allowed our scouts grabbed the flag and moved it off their platform and slowly but surely pulled out a capture to go up 1-0. For the second score of the round, the soldiers and medic pushed forward and Lunk killed himself which allowed the medic, who had uber, to live and push into their flag room, take out the sentry gun and bring the intelligence back for the final score of the round. Round 1: DJedi 2, TF2F 0

Round 2

For Round2 we stayed on the same server and switched colors. Both teams made adjustments that opened up the offense to get more captures. TF2F had to close a 2 cap lead and we needed to stay ahead of them. Shoe joined our offensive 5 as demoman leaving Grog as demo and Akira as engineer on defense in the flag room. Once again the offensive forces deathmatched in the middle of the board and by the time we fought past each other there were limited amount of players left for a push into the flag room. Tendril came in and played soldier with moop and with the additional demoman were able to take down the guns in the flag room. TF2F also had similar success with the use of an ubered heavy to take down our gun. TF2F made some tough offensive pushes and got our flag out multiple times but we were able to lock down the position and stop them from scoring. Since they had so many people on offense their defense was weak and allowed Slingshot and theSpawn to make coast to coast captures while TF2F tried to get our flag out the front door. TF2F put up a great fight the 2nd round with some tough pounding offense. Panfrie, made famous by his scouting trick jump video, was all over the place as scout and thrickstr didn’t seem to miss any rockets. Nevertheless, DJedi was able to hold on for a win for the round. Round2: DJedi 7, TF2F 4

Round 1 – DJedi 2, TF2F 0
Round 2 – DJedi 7, TF2F 4
Final Score – DJedi over TF2F 9-4

PS: The first impression of ctf_well is that it’s huge for a capture the flag map. A modified version of CP_Well, it feels and plays like a total hack job and makes just getting into the enemy base a chore. I hope leagues consider never running this in competitive play again.

2 Responses to “TFL: DJedi over TF2F on CTF_WELL”

  1. HEINEKEN Says:

    i’m pretty sure i got a coast to coast

  2. [TF2F]Monkee Says:

    GG DJ. I’m sorry I wasn’t there this time.

    We also dislike CTF-Well.