28 Jan / 3:30 pm

TFL: DJedi Holds Strong vs Realm of Chaos

Round 1
DJedi over RoC 9-1

This match started off not so well with neither DJedi or RoC able to field 8 members. We agreed to play 6’s on the same map, Stronghold_b5, with the same standard TFL class restrictions. The first round we started off with 3 d and 3 o and proceeded to pull out a quick capture. Our defense only allowed our flag to inch forward a little bit at a time, but with such a wide open map and with so few people on each team it was tough to stop them from getting touches.

Round 2
DJedi over RoC 9-1

The 2nd round we got called fags by [RoC]Stiffy for camping the spawn. I’m pretty sure operation Ryan Seacrest was in effect since Rental made an appearance in the lineup. Needless to say, this guy dropped and then prompted to ban Lunk, who played defense the entire match, from their channel, #roc on gamesurge.net. 5 Days Later, I’m still banned from their channel. In a match where we were already 2 guys down, to drop, is completely without class. Enough said. DJedi over RoC 9-1

Final Scores, 9-1,9-1, DJedi over Roc 18-2

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