25 Feb / 10:00 am

TF2 Wallpapers

Found some pretty cool Team Fortress 2 wallpapers in my blog search this morning. I picked out some of my favorites, but you can view the rest of them at 4chan.org. I really like the one where the pyro is rocking out.


TF2 Legos

TF2 Blue

TF2 Pose

Rocking Out

Special thanks to madlep from Ubercharged for letting me know the link was dead and to KillDeath for providing a mirror that works.

6 Responses to “TF2 Wallpapers”

  1. madlep Says:

    This is epic win, but the 4chan link is 404ed :(

  2. KillDeath Says:

    All the wallpapers are here – http://killdeathratio.com/e107_plugins/autogallery/autogallery.php?show=Team%20Fortress%202%2FWallpapers

  3. Kick Ass Team Fortress 2 Wallpaper Collection | ubercharged.net Says:

    [...] boys from over at Digital Jedi have uncovered what is potentially the single most awesomefully excellent set of TF2 [...]

  4. Jandulka Says:

    My first WAlpaper :) )


  5. Phil Says:

    Hey everybody, i found this great site that has a ton of metal wallpapers, but they do have a great section for TEAM FORTRESS 2 wallpapers and even a couple from L4D :) …definitely worth checking out !!

    just scroll down to the video Games section on the home page.


  6. Monte Says:

    Made my own TF2 wallpaper, simple and nice.