30 Apr / 10:30 am

TF2 Unlock All Achievements Hack

Wilson posted a link in our IRC channel this morning that shows how the more casual gamer can get all the new TF2 achievements without playing the game.

Maybe you only play occasionally and wanted to be able to be on the same level as other players (to be fair) or you simply never play as Medic and just wanted to see the weapons for a few rounds of fun. Either way, we won’t judge you.

26 Responses to “TF2 Unlock All Achievements Hack”

  1. Yo Says:

    Can Steam found you?

  2. lunk Says:

    Steam can has find you already.

  3. KortoloB Says:

    Valve have already patched it, but I successfully kept the three milestones, somehow. I wish I didn’t though, because now I can’t remove them.

  4. Dr. Zuar Says:

    You can – Achievement_reset or something does it

  5. orangebox07 Says:

    Fuck you, All of us worked hard for the achievements while u faggots just cheat in order get all the achievements… U guys are fucking retards… MAN!!!

  6. lunk Says:

    In no way does DJedi support cheating.

  7. Orangebox97 is a fag Says:

    hey orange box, get a life and stop bitching

  8. angel of death Says:

    orange box if you can post that why did u seven search this up and come to the site?…to bitch us out?

  9. Sp4m Says:

    I loathe achievements. I’ve been playing this game since day -7, and I only have a handful.
    I find it insulting that the game will demand hundreds of hours of arbitrary tasks just to remain competitive online.

  10. lunk Says:

    Hundreds of hours is a bit more along the WoW lines than the TF2 lines. Are you talking about player competitiveness or software company competition?

  11. Bob Says:

    You dont need them to stay competitive the weapons are balanced the 2nd ones are just cooler.

  12. tenseiga Says:

    i dont consider sitting in an achievement server for hours with a bunch of other losers and unlocking them as ‘achievements’ at all. this hack would be fine if everyone uses it (and i hope they do. i might someday cos some of the achievements are just unreasonable)

  13. [HoB] ocsiC-k! Says:

    to the last 2 post.
    You know, this cheat was patched already, right ?

  14. Dave Says:

    You can do this on the xbox to ;)

  15. Patty Says:

    so tell me does this work on latest tf2 update

  16. markusV Says:

    http://www.4shared.com/account/file/81252711/601a63d6/Team_Fortress_2_achievments.html download this and run :) after u runned that, just go play tf2 with all weapons(u dont need steamed tf2, but it works with steamed too)

  17. rocketman Says:

    oi faggot markusV, fuck off with your keylogger K buddy?

  18. C.Leo Says:

    Ok so anyone who uses the achievement unlocker is a huge faggot.

    Play the game the way it is meant to be played. then you might actually get good instead of relying on the new weps to boost your already evidently crap K/D.


  19. DaDude Says:


    You’re a fool. Some people don’t get to sit around all day with friends for hours on end trying to unlock achievements. Some people want to play and have fun, and be on par with the people with no lives sitting around doing nothing but farming achievements.

    Valve should either let all weapons be available by default, or tone down the requirements for them. 36 Achievements to unlock all the weapons is crap, people work, people do other things with their time. And being called names for wanting to have as much fun as everyone else is just silly.

    Grow up :P

  20. T-Bone Says:

    Oh shut the fuck up Leo. I hate having to play more to remain competitive …. And if it’s not ‘Anti-Competitive’ then what’s your problem? Whoz the faggot now bitch.

  21. werebadger Says:

    i love achievments and all that because it allows you to compare yourself to others but i would like all the weapons without having to spend hours trying to get them.

  22. huldu Says:

    How can you honestly say something as *stupid* as “compare yourself to others”? Have you any idea how most ppl obtain these by not cheating? They cheat their “own” way by having a few friends gathering up to power-level through them like nothing.

    No sir, either way you turn this its a fail. You can not compare a FPS to a mmo such as WoW for example.

    The whole idea with this added to TF2 was ridiculous. As a *fun* factor, hell yes, it would have worked. But to give the user rewards for doing that? No, that is taking it way too far. People will always cheat in some way or another. Using the hack or by having a few friends, cheat server+clones, there are many ways to do it.

  23. CaseTase929 Says:

    I agree with some of you that Team Fortress 2 isnt fair with all the cool weapons awarded for people who played it for hours while others want to just have fun with the other weapons too.

    But the fact they put these achievements is that they want it to be replayable and have you noticed that these achievements are fun and challenging? It isnt for competition. The reason why they put weapons for prizes is because they wanted to award the players for finishing them. Yes this hack is fine but they shouldnt spread the news and make this an option for others. if they dont have time then they can google it. this doesnt mean that you can call ppl names and say they are noob.

  24. Mr Normal Says:

    I played TFC a helluva lot. It was a great game and probably the last game I had elite skills. Had the game included achievements I’m sure I would have nabbed quite a lot. But those were my youth days and I now have a job and a family. After a 6 year break from online gaming (got married and had kids) I’m back into TF2 and loving it. The achievements are great and while my time is limited I’m actually unlocking quite a lot of goodies. I guess those ol’ TFC days have come in handy. While i’ve unlocked new and better weapons I haven’t even used them. I don’t rely on them and I still manage to lead the scoreboard regardless. I’m not a serious player and I just go on to have fun with other players. The point is, nobody needs these bonuses to advance their skill. That will come naturally by learning and adapting to different situations and with better strategizing.

    And damn, I’ve gotta say – the biggest disappointment I’ve noticed since my 6 year gaming break is a lack of player respect. And what’s with teenagers today and their overuse of the word bitch? Last I checked it was either a female dog or a crude term towards women that are more often than not influenced by their menstrual cycle? What’s the next mindless taunt name going be? Hussy? Tramp? But hey, I’m sure many a rage-filled teenager will be brimming to their ears in fury at my attempt to find logic in their ways and will bury me in a sea of cussing or perhaps a variety of methods that my soul should be removed from that of the human race :)

    Peace out home fries

  25. Shane Says:

    If you feel bad and want to start over, go to
    Steam(Steam directory/folder)\ steamapps\ UserName *Your User Name*

    OK Now delete the team fortress 2 folder, go restart steam, i think, and if tf2 is still there un install, find the game and install it again, there you go, your data is deleted (Not steam data, tf2 achievements and stats….etc.

  26. jhonny-b Says:

    OK you foolz i dont care what you say, ACHIEVEMENTS ARE LAME just cuz you spent so long earning it doesnt make you a better player than someone else, its the number of kills you rack up. i dont consider it cheating to auto-unlock achievements for the simple fact that some people DONT HAVE THE 18+HOURS OF TIME TO PLAY now for those who worked your ass off thats good to know and you have the ability to say ‘i worked for these’ but how about you go work to get a better house or a better car? to me thats a REAL LIFE ACHIEVEMENT and i’ll give you 500 life gamer points on your gamer card to do it too! :)