25 Jun / 3:00 pm

TF2 Tennis

Found this slick video over on the Swedish Online Gamer Site. I have no idea what they’re saying on there, but I like their content and this looks like it could be pretty cool.

Team Fortress 2 – Rocket Tennis from Dominic Weber on Vimeo.

3 Responses to “TF2 Tennis”

  1. Max Collin Says:

    I understand swedish can be a bit confusing with all the funny looking characters we use :)

    Thanks for the link, but I actually found it at Ubercharged.net, so I guess the credit should be his :D

  2. Loe de Kangoeroe Says:

    Hi I’m from Germany and I love your Blog/News/whatev’ ^^
    I understand a bit of what they say, so here you are:

    “Med den nya patchen kom nya roliga sidoeffekter. Rocket Tennis är en. Heavy Tennis en annan. Här visas lite från det förstnämnda:
    Vill man spela Rocket Tennis-kartan går den att ladda ned från Megaupload”
    The new patches bring new funny sideeffects. Rocket Tennis is one. Heavy Tennis another. Here is an example of the first:
    If you want to play Rocket Tennis-maps, you can load it from Megaupload.

    Now keep up the good work ;)
    greets, Loe

  3. whisp Says:

    we beat u to the punch: http://www.vimeo.com/1207328 ;)