10 Jan / 2:25 pm

TF2 Howto Play Demoman

Saw this video over at VideoSift, a pretty neat website, similar to Digg, but for videos. Not much to say about this other than it shows some of the basic and more advanced techniques to playing Demoman in TF2.

Looks like he also takes out the guy who created the Spy and Pyro howto videos.

A guy named medeepblue created the video and provides this description on the youtube link.

This is a video I made to help people beginning to play demoman in Team Fortress 2. I hope it helps people ^^.
This is made with the PC version, but it all apllies to the 360 too, naturally.
Oh, and sorry for the weird Technique s- text,
but I somehow couldn’t get that right.

Fun fact: At about 1:45, the guy I’m killing is Daedalus, who made two other How To Play TF2 videos: Spy and Pyro.


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  1. REV6StingraY`d5 Says:

    Looks like theSpawn`d5 should check this out tbh