29 Jan / 2:10 pm

TF2 – How To Play Medic

Found this video while looking around on VideoSift.com. Someone who is a pretty good medic took some in-game footage of how to execute some of the best medic techniques. Thank you for your hard work it really shows in this video.

VideoSift Comment:

Here is yet another guide showing you how to play as the medic class in Team Fortress 2, except this one is VERY thorough. There are invaluable tips for medic players, beginner to expert. This is a must-see video for TF2 players as it expounds upon the tips in the previously sifted video. There is some great music that goes with it too, so it’s enjoyable and educational. Around 8 minutes through the tips you get to see how the real medics use the bonesaw and syringe gun.

Video Author’s Comment:

My movie shows the golden rules of medic gameplay and is for entertainment. Fits for young medics who want an insight of this wonderful class and old medic compadres for entertainment. I always wanted to create something nice with Sony Vegas and i think it was worth it. I mixed together only the best clips i have recorded so far. If you watch this video pls write a comment and let me know what you think about it!


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