09 Jul / 9:30 am

TF2 Hitboxes

A big thanks to Avatar[DJedi] for finding this video on wegame.com. It captures some damning evidence between the difference of real hitboxes vs. visible player models. This could possibly be tweaked with some client-side prediction and interpolation settings, hopefully someone else will figure out the commands to fix the issue.

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  1. Wang Tang Says:

    There is word on that from Robin Walker:

    Quote: Robin Walker
    “The problem is that people misunderstand what that hitbox debug display is showing them. When you fire, your client tells the server, and the server rewinds time to calculate your hit against the positions of the other players at the time you fire, so the “lag” in this clientside hitbox display does not affect your actual firing. That hitbox display mode was implemented to make sure the hitbox sizes were correct, not their location relative to the entity itself, so the coder never tried to make them appear in the right place.

    For reference, read the lag compensation section of http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Source_Multiplayer_Networking


    Source: http://www.teamfortress2.de/news_details.php?id=734 (german site)