22 Sep / 10:00 am

Teamfortress.TV is Back!

Glad to see these guys back and covering the TF2 community once again. Glad they got some footage of DJedi, even though it was a clip of myself and infinite getting back capped on cp_well. We were also the proud acceptors of the historic, first “Steamroll of the week” award. It’s great to have more video coverage of competitive matches and I wish you the best of luck in keeping this thing going.

One Response to “Teamfortress.TV is Back!”

  1. Max Collin Says:

    Hi Lunk. I saw that you’ve made a comment on the “Auto-Aim”-movie on Onlinegamer.se, believing it was a movie about using cheats. The name “Auto-Aim” is the name of a group of snipers from various European clans. No cheats were used in that movie.

    Just to make that clear. I would never post anything related to TF2 cheating.