12 May / 11:30 am

Team Fortress Custom Map CP_Castle4 Released

Vilepickle has been at it again, releasing yet another update to his completely original CP_Castle map. Big thanks to all the time and hardwork you put into these maps. Without you the TF2 community would not be flourishing with such an abundance of high quality, user created, custom maps. You rule Vile, even though you stab me in the back as spy sometimes.

The map cp_castle3 has, at long last, been updated to cp_castle4.  This version fixes many of the troublesome issues of version 3 such as campable spawn doors, overly large stages (stage 3), and adds features like another CP to stage 1.  The map also looks much better than version 3, which should be a welcome change.  If you are running Castle right now or have stopped running the map, I encourage you to check out this version, because it is quite a bit different.

README (full changelist):




http://vilepickle.com/map/cp_castle4.7z (7-zip)
http://vilepickle.com/map/cp_castle4.zip (zip)

Changes from Castle3

From Castle3:
-Outside lighting less harsh
-Timers changed to match Dustbowl (starts at 4:30), except 3-1, which adds 3:00
-All stages have seen massive visual updates
-Lighting has been improved all around
-All stages have seen optimization updates
-3D skybox added. Nothing spectacular, but it looks better in areas
-All spawn rooms have been updated to look like regular TF2 spawn rooms
-Gameplay props that could fade out in Direct X 8 no longer fade out
-Player clip ceilings in all areas have been raised
-Lanterns on walls are no longer solid to get stuck on
-Health and ammo packs can no longer fade out at a distance (remnant from early TF2 mapping)

Stage 1-
-CP 1-1 added to the stage
-CP 1-1 is housed in a building, replacing the small bridge. This adds more cover outside
-RED now has a spawn exit that is not easily camped

Stage 2-
-One RED spawn door is now elevated and has cover
-BLU has additional elevation on one of its old attack routes via a ramp
-RED can now defend 2-1 slightly easier with a new platform near the CP and larger ammo packs
-Additional direction signs added
-Sticky bombs can no longer be tossed over the start gate
-Defenders can no longer push into BLU’s main hallway
-BLU’s first hallways now have roofs to provide better FPS and more cover

Stage 3-
-BLU starting gate moved towards the spawn room
-Sticky bombs can no longer be tossed over the start gate (but you can make smiley faces on the invisible barrier :)
-RED can no longer pass BLU’s starting gate after round start
-CP 3-1 moved towards the BLU starting area more
-CP 3-2 moved to the end of the bridge, and half of the inside castle area removed
-There is now a way out of the 3-2 canal that doesn’t lead into RED’s area
-The left side before the 3-2 bridge now provides better sniper cover
-There is now an elevated building before 3-1 to easier mount an assault on the point
-There is now a place to setup on defense by 3-1 that cannot easily be flanked, but is on ground level
-Smoke cloud in the canal removed

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