18 Mar / 2:00 pm

Team Fortress 2 Exploding Taunts

Some guys over at OwnedByAMedic.com (awesome domain name), created a hilarious video of people dying because of a taunt. Pretty clever, keep up the good work.

5 Responses to “Team Fortress 2 Exploding Taunts”

  1. FILM: Team Fortress 2: Exploding Taunts | Onlinegamer - Team Fortress 2 på svenska Says:

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  2. HEINEKEN Says:

    thats great. dunno what that guy above me said though.

  3. sf Says:


  4. lunk Says:

    I’m sure it’s relevant to someone! [...]

  5. Max Says:

    The first comment is a so called “pingback” from another weblog (in this case Onlinegamer.se, which is a swedish TF2-site run by me).