08 May / 11:30 am

Surreal Visions

In a followup to a previously released trailer, The Doctor has put together a very nice compilation video of some pub action. It’s very well done and the bottle decimation on the last point of dustbowl is absolutely stellar. Good work The Doctor! This video is also available on YouTube in high quality format, but the vimeo embedded player looks nicer for this page.

SURREAL VISIONS – a spectacular TF2 compilation from The Doctor on Vimeo.

Here it is after long delay it’s finished. It’s a action compilation, filmed from different angles and some gameplay scenes to spice it up a little bit.

In this one i tried around alot with cameraangles. It has no specific plot it’s to show TF2 scenes from a different perspectives.

The demoman who wields the bottle is “[AD]Belink” a very good demoman buddy, it really pays off to heal a good demoman ;)

For the freefly section i had nice support from the Hampshire Heavies crew, many thanks for your help the scnes turned out really nice.
Actors: Spiderbloke, Wolfdevil, Finis, Fusion.Jack, Fury, Minty, bumbandit, st_nick, K!LL4DOG, Jason_Frog, Gimpster, Drago, Octalspipika, Ares_CST, Dirty Jesus, Khola, Jono, Eion

Hans Zimmer – Last Samurai (Trailer theme)
Freedom Call – Warriors
Paul Oakenfold – Ready Steady Go (Album Version)

Spotted at Onlinegamer.se

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