22 Sep / 11:00 am

STA Season 3, Week 1 Schedule

STA has had some trouble moving their data to a new hosting company due to the slowness of their old host. Bucky provided me with this week’s schedule and I have posted it here. Please report scores in #sta-tf2 on irc so that Bucky can keep track of them.

Tuesday’s map is CP_Well, good luck to all.

Bucky33> I have no idea who played who recently, so I’ll post a schedule here
Bucky33> if anyone played the same team last week I’ll change it
Bucky33> other than that, lets roll
Bucky33> > vs #
Bucky33> [AR] vs ((R))
Bucky33> [DJedi] vs 8<S>8
Bucky33> [CSTF] vs [NIL8]
Bucky33> |K}{R| vs [GD]
Bucky33> rs| vs .tj.
Bucky33> .tj|z. vs (x_x)
Bucky33> -=|Mr|=- vs w|
Bucky33> [GS|LoE] vs xD
Bucky33> {Xeno} vs -|RE|-
Bucky33> [S-Crew] vs [FDG]
Bucky33> {ED} vs [SKC]

The Highlander schedule for Monday night has also been posted and is as follows.

Bucky33> here’s the highlander schedule:
Bucky33> lc vs # Title Match
Bucky33> rs vs CSTF
Bucky33> w| vs AR
Bucky33> K}{R vs .tj.
Bucky33> MTF vs OTD
Bucky33> MTF gets the bye if OTD isn’t ready
Bucky33> post match results here as well
Bucky33> or in #sta-tf2hl

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