17 Mar / 10:30 am

STA: DJedi over SoBe on CTF_Impact

Round 1

Last Tuesday DJedi faced SoBe on on ctf_impact, a remake of a Quakeworld Teamfortress map. The first round started and both forces met in the middle of the map to jockey for position. DJedi was able to hold the middle and push a medic/soldier around the side and up onto the top of SoBe’s base. Moop dropped down the chute and double rocket jumped right back out with the flag. Moop continued to RJ away with the flag to put DJedi up early in first round. Meanwhile on the defensive side of things, SoBe tried to pull the flag up the ramp and through our glass room. But a scout didn’t realize the glass was broken and ended up dropping the flag back into the flag room after being killed by Rental and Heineken. Infinite and his medic were now on top of SoBe’s base and he is credited with pulling out another coast to coast capture. Hein, our D engineer has seen little action at this point and pushed into the middle with his shotgun blazing. Hein disrupted SoBe’s offensive push by forcing a medic to blow uber early in the yard. Infinite and theSpawn survived the blown uber and after taking down the medic/soldier combo they pushed front door and broke the glass. Infinite shot all the pipes off of the flag stand and proceeded to double RJ up and out of the chute again and dropped the flag to Tendril who was waiting on the side as scout to run the flag back for a cap. Somehow theSpawn managed to stay alive in their flag room and met infinite on the outside of their base. After the cap, theSpawn and infinite were waiting on top of SoBe’s base and dropped down to grab the flag again for a coast to coast capture. SoBe had some strong pushes but DJedi was able to stop most of them before they pushed too far into our defense.
Round 1: DJedi 8 – Sobe 4

Round 2

Round 2 we switched up the lineup, lunk took over as flag D engineer and Slingshot swapped with Rental to run around as scout. This round started off with a bigger bang as SoBe banged extremely hard on our base as they tried to make up the 4 capture deficit. Somehow we were able to hold off most of their pushes and due to their more offensive oriented strategy 2nd round, their defense was left more vulnerable. DJedi finished over SoBe in the 2nd Round.
Round 2: DJedi 12 – Sobe 4

Final Score
Round 1: DJedi 8 – SoBe 4
Round 2: DJedi 12 – SoBe 4
Final: DJedi over Sobe, 20-8

I would like to include some more excerpts of match impressions from our mailing list.

Rental Writes:

From my point of view, i think their sniper did a great job round one and really kept us on our heals. I was killed by the sniper 3 times in the first 3 minutes of the match. He would be halfway into the glassroom and still get me coming in the front. He also did a good job of protecting the side when he was up on the roof. I was there long enough to see Lunk’s -eg- skills. =).
good game all. -rntl

Wilson submitted this great recap:

All right well let me toss out some writeup material that doesnt involve their sniper :)

We started the round off with about half of our offenses trying to get into our nest and spam them as they came into our base, but this turned out to be an easily spammable area and they took out a couple of our players (medic, demoman, not sure how else). After that, we really exploited their lack of any roof defense and minimal traffic on the side entrance to their base, starting slow with only 1 or 2 caps but ramping it up with moop and infinite’s impressive rocket jumps out the chimney exit. They seemed to be running an engy but for the most part their gun was down when we made it to their flagroom. Late in the match they seemed to wise up about the roof and start playing more defense on there, so we moved to attacking the front of the base and coming through the glass, which was also effective (although slightly harder due to respawn placement, which seems somewhat problematic on this map). In round 2 it was pretty much more of the same, except I played worse and died more. Highlight was definitely healing lunk while he circle strafed around his sentry, taking out a medic and soldier uber combo that came down the chimney and keeping his gun up.

Overall we dominated their base and kept the caps flowing out at a pretty steady rate while stopping them from capping all that much. We also did a good job of not spending too much time on defense at all. Sometimes its very tempting but ctf in tf2 doesnt seem to be much of a shutout proposition so much as cap the most (kind of like 32smooth in qwtf).

I reviewed my demo as engineer and threw together a youtube video. On a second viewing I thought it was so-so, but it was fun either way! Amazing games SoBe, best of luck in the future.

3 Responses to “STA: DJedi over SoBe on CTF_Impact”

  1. HEINEKEN Says:

    welcome to -eg-
    i thought you lived through that battle of ubers :(

  2. big thirst Says:

    i wasnt there but it looked like you guys killed us :(

  3. lunk Says:

    Thought you played first round Big Thirst. Hope you can make it to our next encounter, it was a very hard fought game.