09 May / 2:00 pm

STA: DJedi over Ghosts of Darkness

Tuesday, DJedi faced off against Ghosts of Darkness on Desert Fortress, a custom map with two middle points to keep the game interesting. Round 1 started off with a bang, GD had obviously done their homework and kept us on our toes. DJedi was able to score early after some hard fought battles to go up 2-0. GD was determined though and was able to close the lead with some precision sniping from [GD]reelz and full frontal heavy weapons guy action. GD was closing in on our lead at 3-2 and was on the verge of tying it up, but Hein and Hangy made the save by capturing B. DJedi pushed forward and won Round 1: 4-2 DJedi.


For round 2 we switched Tendril in for Hein, whose new 3rd shift job is totally awesome. For this round we corrected some of the mistakes we made in Round1 and everyone played tighter and with more intensity the 2nd round. Polar’s sniper rifle was on fire and his cover support held reelz and GD down while the rest of DJedi moved around the map. Communication and teamwork really came together and were able to execute our strategy at a high level. Round 2: 4-0 DJedi.

Great game’s GD, we look forward to our next battle.

Final Scores
Round 1: 4-2 DJedi
Round 2: 4-0 DJedi
Final: 8-2 DJedi over GD

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