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STA: DJedi over FOoM, 7-4 on cp_labor

Season 2 of the Stronger Than All Team Fortress 2 8on8 tournament started off with a bang Tuesday night. For our inaugural second season match we faced off against The Fraternal Order of Moof on cp_labor. DJedi was the away team and played on their server for both rounds.

GameServers.com provides the absolute worst game server products, our server was completely unplayable and was canceled after a failed scrimmage with bloc where the server lagged to the point of being unplayable and finally crashed.

Round 1
Round 1

The first round got off to a start and we were feeling confident having been successful in multiple scrimmages before the Tuesday night match. We barreled into the middle point on our first rush and FOoM smacked us in the face really hard and took out 5 guys as they claimed their stake on the CP. Keeping up their momentum FOoM pushed us back and proceeded to capture our next point and work up 2 ubers for the final assault on our last CP. After what seemed like an insanely long wait in respawn purgatory most of our guys were back up. Slingshot>P snuck out of our high entrance and got the drop on a charged medic who was staging for an attack on the last point. FOoM pushed forward from low right with their remaining uber but we were able to counter with our own and stand on our final point which was now about a third of the way captured. We held off their assault and used our second ubercharge to move forward and reclaim CP2. We had the momentum and our soldiers and heavies pushed forward to the middle point and got in position to meet FOoM’s respawn wave as they flooded the middle. After mowing down their forces we held back, maintained position and worked up our ubers. Our first venture into enemy territory we went in with two ubers and picked apart the FOoM defense and pushed them back to claim CP4. As an uber was running out though, Slingshot and his medic pushed on the left into the final CP and killed their reinforcements. Though he lost his medic in the firefight, Slingshot was still standing after the dust settled and he solo-captured to put DJedi up 1-0.

All 8 Teammates

After the reset we attacked and lost the middle but without losing as many people this time. We fell back to our 2nd CP and dug in to thwart an uber-laden attack. We held strong this time and did not give up the point, having the advantage we pushed forward and met more resistance in the middle. We slowly picked apart FOoM in the middle and with a crit rocket from the barn, moop took out the final two enemies to capture the middle point. Still having the advantage we pushed forward to claim CP4, but their defense flushed us back into the middle and kept us at bay. For 2-3 minutes neither team could make any forward progress and eventually we heard the 60 second warning, which prompted us to get moving. We moved in with staggered ubers and took CP4 even with strong resistance. However in our rush against the clock, we left moop all alone to cap and a heavy in the window cut him down. At this point we had a 6 people on their last, locked, cp and we had to wait for someone to fall back and cap the point fully. This little fumble allowed FOoM to collapse on CP4 and cap it, which helped us by adding 2 minutes to the clock. Our respawn wave arrived to CP4 just as they were capturing with a Heavy/Medic combo and Slingshot and Moop proceeded to decimate everyone who stood in front of them and cleared the road all the way to their last point and the ensuing cap. DJedi goes up 2-0.

Our next attempt was a monumental failure. We attacked mid and lost 6 people while FOoM lost maybe 1 or 2. With no chance to recover we were completely rolled and when we exited our respawn we met their entire team and died while they capped the point. FOoM scored and the game is now at 2-1. The next two scores were very similar to the above battles, lots of push and pull from both teams as we fought for positioning. We traded scores, first DJedi went up 3-1 and then FOoM closed the gap in the remaining minutes of Round 1 with a last minute score. Round 1: DJedi 3, Foom 2

Both teams took a brief intermission and switched up the colors. We played on the same server for the above reasons. The 2nd round was a hard fought battle with lots of similar gameplay as round 1. I think we still lost the middle everytime but were able to hold off the attacks and push out.

Round 2
Round 2

Fast forward four scores and Round 2 is tied up at 2-2. DJedi still has the lead for the overall match, but FOoM had been dominating us the entire 5th mini-round and we had our backs against the wall. Our last point had already been captured about half way from previous FOoM incursions and we were bracing for a double-ubered push that would be the tying cap for FOoM. Rockets and pipes and critical minigun shots (oh my) were flying all over the place. We countered with an uber and stood on the point to block their capture. A well placed rocket from one of our soldiers knocked the heavy off the point and when uber wore off, we destroyed their entire team. FOoM had at least 6 or 7 guys down and we pushed out to capture our CP2 and continued rolling into the middle. Carrying the momentum we killed an unorganized FOoM counterattack and were able to pick them off one-by-one and move in for a final score that put us up 3-2 for the 2nd round, and gave us a 2 score lead for the match. This deflated FOoM a bit and with time still on the clock we easily captured for the 4th time of the round to take our overall lead to 3 before the round ended. Round 2: DJedi 4, Foom 2

This was a great game against a distinguished and historic clan. FOoM showed incredible talent and sportsmanship and it really shows why they have been together for over 800 matches. We look forward to our next epic conflict and wish you the best of luck in future STA games.

Round 1: DJedi over FOoM 3-2
Round 2: DJedi over FOoM 4-2
Final Score: DJedi over Foom 7-4

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