25 Apr / 10:40 am

STA: [CSI] forfeit, TFL: [DJedi] over [TF2F] on ctf_smooth


This week started out with a disappointing forfeit win from [CSI] in STA. Coming from a qwtf background, we were looking forward to playing some ctf_smooth, as its a port from the very popular original QWTF version by DrSmooth[OSKI] and we all have some great memories of epic matches on smooth against clans like Megadeath, Gothic Terror and The Nothing. The new version plays great and is substantially brighter than the original. The only issues we’ve experienced are that you can get snagged in the water entrance and occasionally you will spawn with everything crooked (and I couldn’t find the quad damage).

Moop Portrait ctf_smooth

Luckily, Team Fortress 2 Fort was gracious enough to give us a map change to 2 rounds of ctf_smooth for our TFL match from ctf_impact (another great QWTF port of a map originally built by my former clanmate [WM]Kordos and created for TF2 by the talented Vilepickle, who just keeps making great custom maps). We had time to squeeze in some Jedi portraits next to lunk’s epic regret and cheetos spray before the round started and you can check out the moop portrait to the right.

DJedi vs. TF2F ctf_smooth R1
Round 1

Round 1 started off with a bang as we pulled out an early capture thanks to some impressive spy work by resident hibernator Polar. As the round continued, the dual assault of our 2 medic soldier combos of Tendril + theSpawn and Moop + Wilson overwhelmed the enemy base and brought home 4 additional caps, while our defense locked down our base, letting only 1 cap out and racking up the teleporter points.
R1: 5-1 [DJedi]

DJedi vs. TF2F ctf_smooth R2
Round 2

Round 2 started with another early cap from DJedi, after which TF2F’s defense dug in, with [TF2F]Thrickstr’s demo’ing and [TF2F]PanFrie’s medic hunting scouting keeping our offense at bay for the rest of the round. With DJedi dominating the middle of the map and continually pushing against the near-impregnable TF2F defense, they were unable to get any substantial flag movement.
R2: 1-0 [DJedi]

Final Score: [DJedi] 6, [TF2F] 1

GG [TF2F], you were a worthy opponent as always. Thanks for the map change.

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