14 Jan / 6:28 pm

Robin Walker Responds: Watching Old TF2 Demos

I was starting to think that a response would never come to the e-mail I sent to Robin Walker last week regarding old demos. Redrum messaged me this afternoon,

15:23:24 RedRum> hi lunk
15:23:34 RedRum> anyword from robin? just curious
15:34:50 lunk[DJedi]> no word at all

Well Valve must have been sniffing the internet or their 6th sense was acting up again because a little less than two hours later I get this response.


Hi Daniel.
The bad news is that watching older demos isn’t an easy thing to do. The
good news is that we’ve ironed out the bugs in the networking now, so we
expect it to settle down and stop invalidating demos. Long term, we’d
like to create a much better system for this that will allow you to
record demos that remain viewable irrespective of the engine.

I get the feeling this has already been placed on the furthest back burner of the Valve crew’s work queue. I have faith that eventually the community will receive a little utility for either converting or viewing old demos and that it will arrive in the upcoming months. Hopefully it will happen, but we just be out of luck. :(

Sorry Redrum, but I don’t think those great matches will be available to enjoy outside of the present when those matches were new.


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