17 Nov / 3:30 pm

Play Left4Dead on TF2 maps

Wilson[DJedi] pasted this link into IRC from Kotaku. You can now relive what it’s like playing on a public server in TF2, just mow down the zombies.

You can even download the hacked map and check it out for yourself.

Not much of a surprise this is a possibility, the two games do use the same game after all. But Left 4 Dead hasn’t even launched and someone’s already modding it (probably the demo, anyway.) Here’s nine minutes — reloading! — of Left 4 Dead gunplay on TF2’s Dustbowl map (slightly customized). Warning, the volume on this sucker is hecka loud for some reason, with tons of — reloading! — gunfire.

One Response to “Play Left4Dead on TF2 maps”

  1. Team Fortress 24/7 Says:

    With L4D players now being able to use TF2 maps, this is really going to help with the games popularity. I read somewhere that Counter-strike:source maps can also be used, but I can not find any further information on it.