10 Mar / 9:00 am

Overhealer Unlockable Weapon Cancelled

Caught an e-mail correspondence between a user and Robin Walker on the steam forums discussing the overhealer unlockable medic weapon. Looks like Valve couldn’t figure out how to balance the gameplay and have abandoned the idea completely.

A few weeks back I sent a mail to valve, basically a whine about how as a pyro I often draw the short straw on any engagement.

In the email I did mention that I loved to axe people and was a tad concerned regarding the planned overhealer unlock. Double the HP would make it even more suicidal to charge with my axe.

Well I just got a response from Robin

Originally Posted by Email
Hi .

Sorry for the super late reply on this one. I’m getting a ways behind in my email right now.

Thanks a bunch for the long & detailed feedback. It’s always great to get feedback with this amount of time & thought put into it. We’re still thinking about the relationship between the Pyro & the core combat classes, in particular that of the Pyro & the Soldier. We’ve tried a couple of things in our internal playtests, but haven’t found anything we like enough to ship yet. The recent update to the flamethrower with the audio cue played when you’re hitting an enemy seems to have been a good step.

No details on the Pyro’s unlockable weapons yet, sorry. We’re still focusing on the Medic, and the underlying system. Your fire axe will be happy to hear that the Overhealer didn’t work out as well as we wanted it to, and won’t be making an appearance.


As much as I feared the overhealer would nerf melee kills, I’m still a little sad that its been cut.

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  1. Doctor Huge Says:

    Ah, good to hear that they’re putting the effort into balancing the classes but this will mean the new patch won’t be coming for a while then xP

    I wanna play me some goldrush!