04 Jan / 2:18 pm

outSpoken over DJedi in Turbine Thriller


This was one of the best matches we have played in a long time. Maybe even topping the nail biter against [ABLE] a few weeks ago. We warmed up against dance using a ringer and hoped that we had enough people. Lunk made some frantic phone calls to find enough players for both the scrim and the match. Slingshot, who just moved, was without internet and couldn’t make it. Polar was watching a football game at a friend’s house, and Akira was probably eating dinner. We used a ringer to warm up and Akira called Polar who wanted to make sure we were playing if he showed. With everyone on the server, we waited for 12 of the 15 allowed minutes for Polar to traverse DC’s traffic clogged streets.


Round 1 started with a bang as their scouts rushed in to pull an almost immediate cap. We quickly tied it up and got into the groove of our strategy but with a strong defensive showing by oS we were down 4-2. We regrouped in the middle and started pushing forward with Operation Ryan Seacrest. Rental pushed up their gate and piped them in while the rest of the team ubered through the flag room to keep outSpoken pinned down while we capped in the background. We were up by 2 caps and got pushed back hard by oS who killed 6 of us, then 7 of us to tie the round at 7-7. Both teams collected themselves and made one final push. With both flags in the middle both teams pushed and pulled trying to get the enemy flag to their own territory. Rental picked up the enemy flag and made a B-line for our base. oS capped with 2 seconds left in the match and Rental was in the flag room jumping for the tying capture when time expires. Great 1st round, oS over DJedi 8-7.


For Round 2 we switched to the DJedi server and proceeded to get going. We made a few adjustments on D, namely putting more than one person on it. We switched Retro over to engineer to deal with the scouts dropping down through our vents. The 2nd round was very similar to the first, with both teams running highly effective offenses. Once again we fought back and forth trying to get the edge on the other team, but every move one of us made the other countered. Scouts would push into the basement and double team the D distracting them while an Ubered soldier would run in the front door and destroy Retro’s buildings. Neither team showed any sign of slowing down their offensive pushes and in a highly contested 2nd round we ended in a tie. Round 2: Tie, 8-8.


The tie in the 2nd round left oS up one cap (by 2 freakin’ seconds) to win the overall match and stay undefeated in TFL match play. Thank you guys for a wonderful evening and amazing games. MVP goes to Polar, without him the match wouldn’t have even happened.

GG oS. Final: 8-7,8-8, oS over DJedi, 16-15

Clan outSpoken submitted this writeup when they sent the scores to TFL. They also included stats for the games.

Wow, this game was intense the hole way through…

Round1: We start by capping first and they quickly tied it up, after minutes go by we are up 4-2. Then all of a sudden Djedi is stomping at our door holding our spawn with some relays they go up 7-5, with some whips cracking we rally and get 2 caps to tie it with 2 minutes left. Both clans have flags pulled close to yards, our medic DS while trying to remember the flag toss button he taunts instead of dropping me the flag which almost costed us the round. But we get it and cap only seconds before DJ to win round 1 8-7.

Round2: Went the same with us taking an early lead 4-2. But once again DJ comes screaming back and yet a round coming to an end with only minutes remaining DJ pulls to an 8-7 lead with relays. DH being the sneaky mexican he is, pulls and zig zag his way around soldiers to get a amazing ninja cap to tie rd2 8-8 and thus securing our victory with some holding ours til return at the end.

GG DJ, I havn’t had an intense match like that since TFC.

team -[outSpokeN]-

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