20 Feb / 7:55 am

Moose released

Not sure what the release of Muhsin Muhammed means to Chicago’s passing attack. It could mean that they’ve freed up money to re-sign Berrian before he hits the market on the 29th (Leap year!). Or it could mean they intend for both of their starting wideouts from last year to go elsewhere. That could portend good things for Devin Hester, who would slide into a starting role. It’s easy to discredit his skill as a receiver, but there’s no denying his playmaking ability. Also, the 3rd year is when the former kick return extraordinaire Steve Smith of the Panthers broke out. Then there’s Marty Booker who was cut by the Phins but has indicated interest in coming back to Chicago. That’s a statement not many want to make after 2007. Anyway, it will be interesting to see in the next few days what happens.

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