27 Feb / 11:30 am

Just Stabs TF2 Spy Bonanza

Justice from Paradigm Shift did evil things to Clan xD on the 2nd phase of cp_dustbowl. After sneaking up behind the core of the defense he stabs 4 people in the back.

11:14:38 @Juicetice> http://www.wegame.com/watch/Just_Stabs_TF2_Spy/
11:14:44 @Juicetice> go there and “like” our video please!!!
11:16:28 +lunk[DJedi]> i already liked all over it
11:16:39 @King-Kong> hot.

I like the video, but don’t want to signup on the Wegame site.

2 Responses to “Just Stabs TF2 Spy Bonanza”

  1. RigorMortis Says:

    Um, i wouldn’t have made a video for this. You’re not that good- small server, few people, and you still almost ran into someone. You missed half your stabs, and only survived because you were playin’ against what could only be 3-year-olds. Thanks for sharing tho, I’m gonna go be a real spy now.

  2. dfdsfdsf Says:

    ya you suck not saying im better im not but still dont post a vid till your pro